Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Eve of War

World War III starts tomorrow. Who are you with?

Oh, wait, wrong company.

We'll know by this time tomorrow what has happened in and to the DC Universe. There are only three issues left until the end of the series, and we haven't seen anything related to the return of the multiverse yet.

Well, at least in the main 52 series, that is. Anachronistic Legion characters are apparently sprouting like weeds - the Pre-Crisis Star Boy, Dream Girl, and Dawnstar over in Justice Society of America, the Pre-Crisis Karate Kid in Justice League of America, Infectious Lass (if it's not some kind of dream) in Tales of the Unexpected, the Pre-Crisis Fatal Five in this week's Brave and Bold.

Somehow, the events of 52 are behind it.

And yet: the post-Infinite Crisis version of the Legion still has an ongoing book, they team up with Batman in Brave and Bold 5, and that version of Karate Kid has been on the teaser cover for the new JLA and for the Countdown poster.

Coming this week:

  • 52 #50, it's War!
  • in World War III Part 2, Supergirl's story with regards to the Legion is apparently revealed
  • in Brave and Bold #3, it's Batman and Blue Beetle vs the Fatal Five
  • in Justice League #8, it's part 1 of the JLA/JSA/LSH story "The Lightning Saga" (note: why "Lightning"?)

Additionally, this week has the premiere of a new Legion monthly book, "Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century" (or as I call it here, "LSH31C"). This follows the continuity of the animated series. The first issue is by J. Torres and Chynna Clugston, with a cover by Steve Uy.


Jim D. said...

>in Justice League #8, it's part 1
>of the JLA/JSA/LSH story "The
>Lightning Saga" (note: why

Because Dream Girl is going to use her Naltorian super-science to turn Black Lightning into the 3rd Dr. Light. No rape involved, except of our memories.


I hope.

Jonathan Miller said...

My suspicion after reading the issue (backed by my admittedly poor Interlac reading skills) is that "Lightning Saga" has something to do with one of the Legionnaires "trapped in time" who we haven't met yet.

He said, non-spoilerily. ;-)