Wednesday, April 25, 2007

LSH Heroclix update

M. J. Norton's Miraclo Miles has an update on the Legion HeroClix Starter Set. As expected, it's the lineup of the cartoon, with one tweak:

Oh, I've also just seen that an article in Game Trade magazine (#87, May 2007) has listed the roll call for the Legion of Superheroes starter set: Superman, Cosmic Boy, Phantom Girl, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Timber Wolf, and Ultra Boy.

Bouncing Boy gets no respect. He's a series regular AND the team leader.

Apparently, these are new sculpts of the figures. We've already had Post-Zero Hour versions of Cosmic Boy, Live Wire, and Saturn Girl, plus numerous sculpts of Superman.

They've also got these things called "Powers and Abilities Cards" which probably mean a lot to those who play the game. This page shows the Phantom Girl and Saturn Girl cards.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the character / power cards:

Heroclix has traditionally used a system where a given color corresponded with a power - Red indicated a power that increased your damage, or Black indicated a power that healed damage. This limits you to one power per color, but one for each value on the dial (four: speed, attack, defense, damage).

Starting with the LSH Starter Set, each character will have a card that explains what all the colors mean (so you don't have to memorize what Black on Defense means, etc). It will also allow the creation of new powers specific to the character - Saturn Girl has "Telepathic Coordination" which lets her affect another character's attack or defense value. This is similar to other powers (Perplex) but is specific to her and different in its application.

The introduction of the character cards is a big deal to Heroclix players; for LSH fans, they'll just be a helpful reminder of what the colors on the dial indicate.

--ptcxljgv, durlan spy