Thursday, April 05, 2007

S/LSH #28 review roundup

With just three issues left until the end of the story arc (and the end of the Waid/Kitson run), things are cranking into high gear. I wish we could find out how compressed the story is compared to what it would have been had Waid not decided to leave at issue 30 when Kitson does.

Was it my imagination or was this the issue where we were supposed to find out what the Dominators' connection to "52" was?

Let's get to the reader roundup:

  • Tim Callahan at geniusfireboymelon:
    This issue provides a good build-up for the final showdown with the Dominators, and as I pointed out over at the Legion World board, there's more than a little political allegory happening here with the invasion force. So we'll see if things go as smoothly as planned for the Legion. The only thing keeping this from getting a solid A is the clear transparency of the "trap" laid for the Dominators. But, it's a great issue otherwise.

  • Matthew at the Legion Abstract:
    Of course they're Boneheads! They can't let go of something that happened a millennium ago (whatever it was), they're worried about something that'll probably never happen, and they've just poked the Earth with a sharp stick, which, they ought to know, hasn't worked out well for anybody in the entire history of superhero comics. Those uncomfortable-looking egg-cities are gonna get knocked over big time over the course of the next issue, and they brought it on themselves.

  • Dave van Domelen's Unspoilt Capsules and Awards:
    A touch on the deus ex machina side at times, mainly in terms of people shrugging off injuries and infirmities off-screen. It's nice that things are turning around, but after the way things have been dragging lately, the sudden change of pace is a tad abrupt. Mildly recommnded.

  • Ludickid at the seebelow LJ community:
    It's getting towards the end of this series, with Waid leaving ... and Kitson bailing for Marvel. There's been plenty of times I thought I would welcome its demise, but then the inconsistent but talented Waid hits me with a swell issue like this, with some good character stuff (and a nice throwback to an old Shrinking Violet storyline) and a wow of a finish, with the Legion setting up to turn the tables on the Dominators. The Verdict: I wish this book was this good all the time.

  • Graeme McMillan at the Savage Critic(s):
    Oddly enough, the most Buffy-esque book of the week for me might actually have SUPERGIRL AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #28. The first year of this book, and the last four or five months or so, have had a wonderfully episodic-television sense of pacing where each issue is complete in and of itself while still advancing the overall plot, with a blurb at the opening of each issue setting the scene for that continuing story as much as would be needed by any new readers. With the creative team heading towards the end of their run on the book, it's nice to see the clarity of focus that Mark Waid brought to his early issues come back, as well as the feeling that the book is about more than just superheroes in space - Both the first year arc, and this second major arc (although it went through a prolonged birth, thanks to fill-ins and what seemed to be Waid being exhausted by 52) have had an epic feel to them that's missing in most superhero books these days. Very Good again, thankfully.

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