Monday, April 02, 2007

Trivia Quiz #10

Here we go, another round of trivia for April. As always, no wagering.

1. Why did the Legion move from its original HQ (that looked like an upside-down rocketship) to the next one (the big one with the "L")? What happened to the original, and what happened to the replacement?

2. Which Legion villains were related to each other?

3. Which members that joined the Legion during the Five Year Gap had never appeared before in regular continuity up to that point?

4. Pete Ross and Jimmy Olsen were Honorary Legionnaires, while Lana Lang was a member of of the Legion Reserve. What's the difference between the two, and why were each put in their respective categories?

5. Why did the Legion reject Young Darkseid for membership?

6. Who was the Green Lantern of sector 2814 following Vidar (later known as Universo)?

7. When the Legion was notified that they'd face "financial ruin" over tax penalties if they had more than 25 members (despite R. J. Brande's immense wealth, apparently), Superboy resigned from the Legion. Why did he resign rather than Supergirl, who rarely showed up for meetings?

I predict (using Naltorian super-precognition) that questions 6 and 7 will be the last two to get properly answered.


murrfox said...

1. The Fatal Five wrecked the original HQ (Adv. #366?), and the replacement was destroyed by... Omega (that thing that Brainy made when he went crazy...LSH #250?)

2. Which villains were related... I got nothing.

3. Which members that joined the Legion during the Five Year Gap had never appeared before in regular continuity up to that point?

Kent Shakespeare

4. I got no clue. I haven't really thought about it and don't see much of a difference, I guess. Except that reserve members can be called into service. And I suppose that since Lana's powers came from a ring, they would always be available to her, whereas Jimmy and Pete were unpowered.

5. Why did the Legion reject Young Darkseid for membership?

6. Who was the Green Lantern of sector 2814 following Vidar (later known as Universo)?
Would that have been Rond Vidar? Or was there someone between the two?

7. No clue.


Matthew E said...

There's only one question where I can improve on murr's answer:

3. As far as I can tell: Echo, Impulse, Reflecto, Storm Boy, Calamity King. This assumes, and I think it's a reasonable assumption, that these are versions of Reflecto, Storm Boy, and Calamity King that are distinct from the ones that *did* appear in Legion continuity.

Michael said...

Further clarification...

1. Don't forget that there's a part of the question that asks what happened to the original clubhouse after the Legion stopped using it.

3. Matthew - why would you assume that Storm Boy and Calamity King are different ones?

6. I'm looking for the name of the person who was GL between Vidar/Universo and Rond Vidar.

Matthew E said...

Well, the original Storm Boy was rejected because he tried to cheat with a weather-control device to get in. So I don't think the Legion would *ever* let him in, so this must be a different guy.

Calamity King... okay, I had considered him the same kind of deal as Storm Boy, but (after further research) maybe he is the same guy.

Oh, and the original Legion HQ became HQ for the Subs.

Greg said...

2. Len (Captain Cold) Snart and Lisa (Golden Glider) Snart, of course!

4. Pete and Jimmy didn't have powers and Lana did? Except that, of course, Jimmy did have powers.

5. There was a Young Darkseid? That sounds like an abomination. Who was responsible?

6. ISTR a Durlan in the GL costume. From about the time of LSH Ann 1, maybe?

7. Ma and Pa were sick in his personal time line, I think.

Blockade Boy said...

2. Offhand I can think of Jungle King and his brother, Dr. Marden King, and the two Hunters (Otto Orion and his son Adam).

Other than that? I got nothin'!

Jonathan Miller said...

4. Didn't honorary members have to show up for one meeting a year or something? (Well, I know they told Jimmy that...) Also--Honorary=inducted for some great service to the Legion (Pete not revealing Superboy's identity), did not have to come help when called in an emergency; Reserve=on detached duty, called up when necessary. Really, these are just guesses.

5. I'm hoping this is a joke, because it's ringing absolutely no bells.

6. Are you going for the name of the GL from the post-GDS fill-in? Argh, I can't remember. As always, comics are in storage.

7. Supergirl was a reserve member--see above--on detached duty in the 20th century, so she wasn't part of the whole tax issue. Superboy, as a full member, was.

Michael said...

The Legion told Jimmy Olsen a lot of stuff. Some of it was even true.

Young Darkseid being rejected as a member is not a joke. Nor is it a dream or a hoax.

Both answers for #7 are quite reasonable and they even sound plausible. However, they are both entirely wrong.

BB - good call, you got two of the three that I had thought of.

word verification: xjpup, which is when Krypto rides in a Jeep Cherokee

murrfox said...

Right. The original HQ became the Subs new home.

I didn't include: Echo (because the character appeared in an Adult Legion story, and I assumed that this was the same character from an earlier point in time), Storm Boy or Calamity King because both of these characters appeared previously. Although, they were most likely not the same character, they shared a name... so...

I can almost picture the fill in issue after the GDS... I remember a Durlan GL, just don't remember if it was the GL for sector 2814. Now I'm going to have to go and look.


Anonymous said...

2. Validus is Lightning Lord's nephew.

7. Superboy felt redundant because Mon-El had all his powers and was a full-time Legionnaire.

lizrdprnce said...

5. I wish I had some clue about this, but it's not ringing any bells.

6. Wasn't his name Xenofobe or something like that? I think he had a cameo in LSH Annual 1 (with Computo and the 2nd Invisible Kid), but his primary appearance was a Superman time travel story I think.

7. Supergirl did offer to resign first, but Superboy resigned instead because of Supergirl's thing for Brainy and the fact that Supergirl's pets threatened to quit the Legion of Super-Pets if she quit the Legion.

Matthew E said...

2. Validus is Lightning Lord's nephew.

Ooh, good one.

murrfox said...

I dug up the story immediately following the GDS, but it didn't provide any hints about who came after Vidar as it was all recap. Which leads me to think that we're going to find the answer in the issue where GLs are first mentioned as not being welcome on Earth (can't place the issue or on some issue outside of the Legion (like the Superman story mentioned abover). The LSH annual sounds like a good place to look.

That does sound like the reason that Superboy (over Supergirl) quite.

Alan said...
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Garth Ranzz said...

7. Superboy quit because of his weakness to Kryptonite. That was the deciding factor between he and Mon-El. "Besides I don't belong in this century. It's the same with Supergirl...but she likes Brainy a lot."

Garth Ranzz said...

6. Was her name Carey? A descendant of Kyle Rayner? She was given the ring in GL #99, the Legion cross-over. Only had it for that battle so not sure if she counts.

Michael said...

Anon - I hadn't thought of the Validus/Lightning Lord connection, but that's a great one. There's still one more that I'm thinking of, though, a relationship between a Silver Age villain and a v3-era villain.

Liz - holy crap, I didn't think anyone would get either one of those. Good call! I'll post the details shortly.

Garth - I believe the name you're looking for is Cary Wren, but that was post-Zero Hour. Universo and Rond Vidar being GL's was pre-ZH.

We're still looking for one more answer to #2, and what's the deal with Young Darkseid?

Jonathan Miller said...

2. Well, there are the MacCauleys and the related Starfingers, right? (I'm pretty sure two of the three Starfingers were related...)

Are we all just missing something obvious?

Tom said...

It was nagging me so, so...

5. Because his powers of Omega Vision might unwittingly harm someone in battle.

Phew, that was quite obscure. Well done. I'd say where it's from, but that would leave no fun for anyone else.