Saturday, April 28, 2007

Upcoming Michael Turner JLA covers

From Scans Daily, via IGN, here's a poster-looking view of the three JLA covers that make up Lightning Storm. As expected, the black backgrounds of the next two covers (with Red Arrow and Hawkman, and Black Canary and an over-proportioned Power Girl) each have a Legionnaire - namely, Dawnstar and Dream Girl.

Click the picture to get a bigger view and read the comments. The young'uns don't know who these Legionnaires are! "Who's Flyinglady McCleavage?" asked one.

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Greybird said...

Flyinglady McCleavage ... not the best meme, but it's damn funny. And I have to admit, even with my not being much of a fan of Turner's work: Dawnstar looks fiery, for once! In both her determined glance and her mid-air stance.