Monday, May 12, 2008

Rumor: Shooter off the Legion already?

From today's "Lying in the Gutters" about this past weekend's Bristol Comics Convention:

Jim Shooter's non-attendance was due to being dropped off "Legion" by DC.

Say what? Shooter was supposed to have had a 16-issue arc planned.

Here are threads on CBR, Newsarama, DC's message boards, and Legion World where nobody can believe it either.


snell said...

50,000 quatloos says that, if true, it's Geoff Johns who bumped him off. He's clearly been jonesing for the title, and he seems to be the horse that's pulling the DCU right now...

Plus, it couldn't have anything to do with the ridiculously glacial pace of Shooter's run so far, could it??

SPM said...

I fully expect after LO3W, there will be a new status quo. I agree Johns wants to write Legion and Perez probably would do the pencils. Instant top 10 book.

Tom said...

If true, I welcome our new Johns/Perez overlords!

RAB said...

Less than a month ago, when Mike Marts was asked at NYCC about the possibility of Shooter leaving the title, Marts replied plainly "No, he's around for the long haul." The only thing that struck me as odd at the time was how very quiet and reserved he seemed on the LSH panel -- he didn't try to push the book or tease any upcoming developments, as editors in his position usually do at cons. Not significant in itself: he might simply have been tired. But then you start to wonder, well, no one was forthcoming about Shooter's no-show status at NYCC, and now he's missed another con...

...and wasn't there some jiggery-pokery DC pulled with the cancellation of The Flash just last year, having talked up issues they were never planning to publish to keep Bart Allen's death a surprise? Or am I misremembering that?

Anyway, I was enjoying this book because Shooter was on it, and if he leaves I'll drop it without looking back. Though it would be funny if they replaced him with Cary Bates. Or Paul Levitz.

Gustavo said...

I think the general silence comes out of not wanting to spoil whatever outcome and new or not status quo will come out of L3W.

Anyway, I would be sad to see him go, he's run is not "action packed" but I love the multi layered story and his characterization ( the reasons why I always read the Legion ).

And as much as I'd love a Top 10 Legion book, Johns... no, just no.
Do we need a 6 part Legion origin like the thing he's pulling in GL?

Greybird said...

I'd note that this says "due to [his] being dropped off 'Legion'" — and not "due to 'Legion' being cancelled."

Whether Shooter stays or not, the current LSH may well be kept. In turn, "Three Worlds" may end up NOT leaving only one combined Legion standing, a prospect many have rightly feared.

On the other hand, perhaps Final Crisis and its sidebars have, belatedly, been chosen by the Powers That Be as an occasion for a more general rebooting of the DC Universe, which was only done piecemeal and in part after "CoIE" 23 years ago.

If so, they may want the currently "winning" version and its shapers to survive. That seems to be Johns's, with or without Pérez.

I'm not that much of a fan of Shooter's take, and am not buying it for now — but he's reclaimed it from Waid's mis-aims, and I would rather see it stay around.