Saturday, May 10, 2008

Trivia answers #23

Good turnout this month. I guess you were all ready for some real trivia after last month's April Fool's version.

1. To within +/- 2 years, how long (comic book time) did the Legion exist from the time they saved R. J. Brande and formed the Legion until the 30th century was wiped out in Zero Hour? (Count Pre-Crisis, Post-Crisis, and Glorithverse as one timeline for purposes of this question)

Many people forgot about the fact that Legion leaders were elected once per year, so you can use that as the starting point. Of course, not everyone has the Legion leaders memorized. Magic Wars was Year 17, v4 started five years later in Year 22, and Zero Hour happened sometime late in Year 23.

2. What happened on July 6, 2992?
Per the 2995 Sourcebook, that's the date the Legion officially disbanded.

3. According to the semi-official timeline in the 2995 Sourcebook, what is the date of the Legion's founding?
January 6, 2973.

4. Who were the last Legionnaires to join prior to the Mordruverse reboot, the Zero Hour reboot, and the Infinite Crisis reboot?
  • Prior to Mordruverse: the last to join was during the Five Year Gap. Calamity King joined about 6 weeks before the Legion disbanded.
  • Prior to Zero Hour reboot: The Legion had disbanded and reformed during the Five Year Gap, so Wildfire, aka NRG was the last to join up with the new team.
  • Infinite Crisis: Superboy (Kon-El) joined up just before the end of the series.

  • 5. Who travelled through time to join the Legion?
    "Join" is pretty ambiguous, so I allowed "meet up with" as well as "became a member of". Here's my list:
  • Pre-Crisis: Superboy, Supergirl, Elastic Lad, Insect Queen, Pete Ross, Krypto, Comet, Beppo, Streaky, Anti-Lad
  • Post-Crisis: RJ Brande, Pocket Universe Superboy
  • Glorithverse: SW6 Valor (I think - I can't keep this timeline straight)
  • Post-Zero Hour: Ferro, Thunder, Kon-el
  • Post-Infinite Crisis: Supergirl
  • Kingdom Come: Superboy, Supergirl
  • Cartoon: Superman, Kell-El
  • DCAU cartoon: Supergirl

    I didn't count Mon-El, who didn't technically travel in time (he spent it all in the Phantom Zone) or any of the Imaginary Stories.

  • 6. Not counting Superboy or Supergirl, name seven people who the Legion (or Legionnaires) have met from pre-destruction Krypton.
    Pick and choose from among Dev-Em, all the characters from The War Between Krypton and Atlantis, Phantom Zone villains (Mon-El met them all, though only General Zod, Faora, and Jax-Ur were frequently shown with him), Jor-El, Lara, Mighty Gazor, Earth-2 Superman and Power Girl, Superboy Prime, Pocket Universe Superboy, Brainiac (cartoon version), and the Eradicator. Krypto and Beppo don't count as people.

    7. Who appeared as a member of the Adult Legion before they joined the "present" Legion?
    While not all of them were shown to be members of the Adult Legion, Polar Man, Chemical King, Reflecto, Shadow Woman, White Witch, Timber Wolf, and Power Boy were shown to have been Legionnaires somewhere between Adventure 354 and the future. In the letters page discussing this story (ADV 358), the editor says that "Color King [was] among those who were absent on mission[s]", but he didn't actually appear.

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    Hey Michael, nothing to do with trivia, but Rich Johnston's reporting that Shooter's being "dropped off" Legion. (It's tucked away in a report on the Bristol Comic Con here: ) No idea if it's true, but I figured I should pass it on.