Monday, May 05, 2008

Trivia Quiz #23

Theme: Time in a Bottle

It's the return of the Time Trapper! He's the one responsible for Pocket Universes, several Legion reboots, the Byrne reboot of Superman, Keith Giffen's hatred for Karate Kid, the cancellation of the animated Legion series, and global warming.

But today, "time" is the theme of this quiz. Time Has Come Today! As Time Goes By! Time, See What's Become of Me! Ain't Wastin' Time No More! The Best of Time, Borrowed Time, One More Time, Closing Time, Feels Like the First Time, If I Could Turn Back Time, Love Me Two Times, Party Time, Only Time Will Tell, Time After Time, Time Passages, Wasted Time, the Time Warp, and of course, the Time Bubble!

1. To within +/- 2 years, how long (comic book time) did the Legion exist from the time they saved R. J. Brande and formed the Legion until the 30th century was wiped out in Zero Hour? (Count Pre-Crisis, Post-Crisis, and Glorithverse as one timeline for purposes of this question)

2. What happened on July 6, 2992?

3. According to the semi-official timeline in the 2995 Sourcebook, what is the date of the Legion's founding?

4. Who were the last Legionnaires to join prior to the Mordruverse reboot, the Zero Hour reboot, and the Infinite Crisis reboot?

5. Who travelled through time to join the Legion?

6. Not counting Superboy or Supergirl, name seven people who the Legion (or Legionnaires) have met from pre-destruction Krypton.

7. Who appeared as a member of the Adult Legion before they joined the "present" Legion?

Hurry, you don't have much time!


Allan Lappin said...

5. Superboy, Supergirl, obviously. Mon-EL, after a fashion. Silver Age: Elastic Lad and Insect Queen (if by 'join' you mean 'work with'). More recently, Ferro. And Krypto, Comet, Beepo and Streaky to work with Proty. 8-)

6. Dev-Em... All the characters from _The War between Krypton and Atlantis_... Can't recall if the LSH ever encountered any Phantom Zone villans...

7. Polar Man.

Anonymous said...

5. Thunder came from the future

gorjus said...

With no Googling, and lots of guessing!

1. 5.

2. The UP disbanded the Legion/Polar Boy disbanded the Legion after the UP cut funding.

3. Argh!

4. Erm.

5. Supergirl.

6. Jor-El . . . dang!

7. Chemical King.

Tom said...

1. It had to be more than 5 years from start to finish - the five year gap alone ensures that. And I think some of their kids were five by the end. I'd guess 16 or so.

2. Venado Bay?

3. No clue. I could look it up, but that'd be cheating.

4. Mordruverse: Tellus and friends?

Zero Hour: Khunds?

Infinite: Gear?

5. I'm glad Thunder was mentioned already. Don't forget Kon-el in the cartoon. And you could argue that post-boot RJ Brande counts. Maybe even Phase, but I think she went the other way (if you know what I mean).

6. Dev-em, Krypto, Beppo for sure.

Jor-el must have bumped into them at some point - that dude got around.

Earth-2 Superman and Power Girl.

Superboy Prime. (Or at least they will meet him soon. In the future.)

Pocket Universe Superboy.

Did they ever meet the Pocket Universe Phantom Zone Criminals? I don't think they did.

Brainiac (cartoon version)

Eradicator (they must have been in a group shot together at some point during Final Night)

7. Reflecto is the one I always think of.

Shadow Kid said...

7. Shadow Woman (died saving the Science Asteroid)

Don Sakers said...

#4: Before Infinite Crisis - Shikari?

#6: Some Legionnaires definitely went back in time and met Jor-El and Lara (as well as little Kal-El) -- I know Shrinking Violet was one of them. The story had something to do with Clark Kent's glasses. And way back in Adventure Comics, someone (Phantom Girl?) went into the Phantom Zone and met the only Kryptonian prisoner still there, can't remember his name....

exnihil said...

...why, only the crotchetiest old geezer ever to be sentenced to the Phantom Zone, the Mighty Gazor.

Hey, you'd be miffed, too, if you received a life sentence to a place where you'd never age.

Anonymous said...

1. 23 years
3. January 5, 2973
5. Superboy

Infinity13307 said...

2. Black Dawn

7. Don't forget Shadow Lass and Chemical King, both were first introduced as fallen Legionnaires in the Adult Legion story who later joined the present team.

Tom Galloway said...

Just because I'm sure no one else will get this one (hey, I once stumped Mark Waid with it), the White Witch was mentioned/shown in one panel in a story in Superman #213 as an Adult Legionnaire prior to her joining the Legion.

In another obscure bit, I believe Color King is mentioned as an Adult Legionnaire in a letter column response.

Johnathan said...

1) Jeez... they referred to stuff as happening in the 2970s in the Five Years Later stuff, so... 20-25 years?

4)Mordruverse: Tellus, Quislet, White Witch, Magnetic Kid, Sensor Girl, all at once!

5) Does Satan Girl count? What about Anti-Lad? Ultra Boy had to that one time, too...

7)Polar Boy, Shadow Lass, Timber Wolf, Reflecto, Chemical King, possibly Night Girl (she was there - not sure if she was a member).

Duke said...

1. Trying to remember the Mayfair timeline, without going to the trouble to try and find the dang thing. I *think* it was 12 years to that point, so I'll guess 16 total.

2. The birthday of the Great and Mighty Michael Grabois was deemed the most appropriate start of the week-long Klordney festival.

3. May 7, 2958

4. Mordruverse. Ummm, I don't think anybody new had joined by that point in TMK, so we go back to Magnetic Kid/Polar Boy/Sensor Girl/Quislet/Tellus.... I think.

Zero Hour, did anyone new join the Legion on the Run team? I forget.

Infinite Criis = Gear

5. time-travllers = Superboy, Supergirl, Elastic Lad, Insect Queen, Pete Ross, Thunder, Mon-El (kinda), Pocket Universe Superboy, Batman, Cosmic King, Saturn Queen, Lightning Lord

6. Jor-El, Lara, Dev-Em, Krypto,

7. Shadow Lass, Chemical King, White Witch, Power Boy,

Michael said...

Q2: Thanks for the shout-out, Duke, but no, that's not the answer I was looking for. Klordny week is in August, anyway.

Q4: Don't have the right answer yet for the pre-Mordruverse last joiner(s).

Q5: There's one more that I'm thinking of that hasn't technically been mentioned yet. And make sure you have all of your various reboot counterparts accounted for.

Q6: Good call, Tom #1. I hadn't thought of all the other multiversal Kryptons.

Q7: I meant to disqualify Tom G from answering this one since it was his pointing out the White Witch appearance a while ago that inspired me to include this question.

Jonathan Miller said...

I've been holding back because I don't like to cheat by researching (I do know where my Mayfair Games sourcebook is), but everyone seems to be forgetting that (I think!) the last person to join before the Zero Hour reboot was Spider Girl, Sussa Parks.

Anonymous said...

On Q4, was it one or more of the founders RE-joining?

Jim Drew said...

1. I agree with about 23 years. Legion time was roughly 1 year for every 2 years published, giving use 15 years from founding to Magic Wars, plus 5 Year Gap, plus about 2.5 years (61 issues) after that. (And 23 is a magic number, of course.)

4. Pre-Mordruverse: Echo, Calamity King, etc., during the 5YG under Polar Boy. I don't think Rokk and Cham had put things back together to include Kono by then. Pre-Zero Hour should be Wave. Pre-IC should be Shikari and Wildfire, as Gear would have joined during the creation of Legion World, before the other got back.

Nothing to add on the others.

Johnathan said...

5. Well, there's Post-Crisis Superman, is that who you're thinking of? Why must I always focus on Legion rejects?

The Supergirl and Superboy of whichever Earth Kingdom Come was set on did too, didn't they?

Johnathan said...

Dang - meant to put this in the last comment.

6. I think that it was Dax-ur who had the lifetime sentence and was the loneliest Phantom Zoner. When Mon-El was finally cured of lead poisoning I remember that he went back into the Zone to tell a whole crowd of folks to shove it - I imagine that it was the usual motley P-Zone crew, so: all of them.

Don Sakers said...

#5: Oh, of course...Connor Kent aka Kon-El aka Superboy.

And Anti-Lad, mustn't forget Anti-Lad.

ted said...

5. There was a time travel story in early S/LSH that had someone travel back in time to join the Legion and fix an anomaly that prevented Superboy from joining.

Cullers said...

4. I'm thinking the answer for last member to join before Infinite Crisis was... Superboy. Before him, was it Dreamer? And right before her, Timber Wolf?