Saturday, July 19, 2008

Comments: mine, yours, and Paul Levitz's

I have no idea what my posting schedule is going to be like for the next week. I'm on vacation and will have limited access to email. Plus, although there's free wifi at the San Diego Convention Center, I don't plan to take my laptop to the con, and typing on my iPod Touch or sending text messages is too difficult. I may get time at night but with all of the partying, who knows. I plan to set up posts to go live here each day of the con, and hopefully my readers who aren't at the con can post comments about coverage they've read on other sites (Newsarama, CBR, etc.)

Previously: what the DCU version of Las Vegas might look like.

Anyhoo, the Washington Post did an online chat with Paul Levitz on Friday, on Dark Knight and other stuff. A couple of Legion-related comments, plus one intriguing piece of info at the beginning.

Philadelphia, Pa.: Thank you for "The Legion of Superheroes". Are you planning on writing anything else in the future and, if so, what?

Paul Levitz: I have a Legion plot out to Jim Lee for a special book of his work that's being produced next year, and I hope I'll be able to do something more extended. Dan DiDio keeps talking to me about a Legion miniseries with Keith Giffen, and I would love to find the time.

Falls Church, Va.: A lot of people will cite "The Dark Knight Returns" as the big turning point in comics, but I just wanted to say that "The Great Darkness Saga" was the first time I ever said to myself, "This is it. This is everything that comics can be." You've never gotten enough credit for it, but you raised the bar and changed the industry right there.

Paul Levitz: Thank you very much. I don't think it remotely compares to what Frank did in "The Dark Knight Returns," but it's certainly one of the things I've written in my career that I'm proudest of.

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Baal said...

This post made me start a thread declaring Mister Levitz wrong about how much of a contribution to comics as a whole The Great Darkness Saga represents at the Legion forum of the DC message boards. So far no one has disagreed with me.