Saturday, July 12, 2008

San Diego programming, part 3: Saturday

Part 1 (Thursday and Friday)
Part 2 (Sunday)

Note that there was a change in Friday's programming, the Mike Grell spotlight panel has been changed to a Mike Grell/Mark Ryan panel promoting their new ComicMix project. I also added the Pro/Fan Trivia Challenge to Sunday's schedule, as the theme is "Young Heroes" including the Legion.

Here's what's up for Saturday July 26th:

12:45-2:00 DC: A Guide to Your Universe— Dan DiDio (senior VP/executive editor, DCU), Jann Jones (senior coordinating editor, DCU), and Ian Sattler (senior story editor, DCU), and countless DCU talent gather for a panel that’s not to be missed. Now that the Final Crisis is upon us, what lies ahead for your favorite heroes? Join Keith Giffen (Reign in Hell, Ambush Bug: Year None), Geoff Johns (Action Comics, Green Lantern), Aaron Lopresti (Wonder Woman), Brad Meltzer (DCU: Last Will and Testament), Grant Morrison (Batman, Final Crisis), Gail Simone (Wonder Woman), Phillip Tan (Final Crisis: Revelations), Peter Tomasi (Green Lantern Corps), Judd Winick (Titans), and others to get the answers. Room 6B

3:30-4:30 Spotlight on Joe Staton— In this show-and-tell with Q&A, writer Mike W. Barr (The Outsiders) talks with fellow Comic-Con special guest, artist Joe Staton about Joe's nearly 40-year career, including his current project Femme Noir, his co-creation of E-Man, and lots of other stuff, including Hulk, JSA, LSH, GL, Guy Gardner, Batman, Huntress, those 100 issues of Scooby Doo, and the "New Look" Jughead. Room 4

5:00-6:00 Legion of Super-Heroes 50th Anniversary— Fifty years ago, a trio of new super-heroes appeared on the cover of Adventure Comics no. 247. That humble beginning spawned the first great super team of the Silver Age of Comics: The Legion of Super-Heroes. Set in the 30th and 31st centuries of a DC Universe that may—or may not—happen, the Legion captured the hearts and minds of comic fans right from the start. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of this legendary team are DC’s president and publisher—and Legion writer—Paul Levitz, who moderates the panel featuring fellow Legion storytellers Geoff Johns, Colleen Doran, and Comic-Con special guests Mike Grell and Keith Giffen. Room 5AB

Programming also going on at this time: Spotlight on J. Michael Straczynski, and JJ Abrams' "Fringe". I need to be able to triplicate myself during this hour, dammit.

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