Monday, March 02, 2009

Trivia Quiz #33

Questions 1, 2, and 3 were provided by the Cosmic Treadmill. They apply strictly to the Adventure Comics run and not any other series. Other than that, here's your quiz for March, which comes in like a Nitwonian Nibbybug and goes out like a Tulvanian Witch Wolf.

1. Which Legionnaire was listed in the roll call with the wrong gender?

2. Which two Legionnaires exchanged the first on-panel kiss?

3. Which Legionnaire(s) cross-dressed?

4. What is the sound that Arm-Fall-Off Boy's arm makes when it comes off?

5. Who was Quantum Queen's twin brother?

6. During the Great Darkness Saga, Shadow Lass' costume was destroyed. What did she end up wearing?

7. Name three Legionnaires who acquired additional powers after joining the Legion (any era).


Matthew E said...

6. A Science Police uniform.

7. Kinetix was always acquiring new powers. Reboot Violet gained the power to grow in size. Ayla gained her gravity powers. Myg gained sonic powers 5YL after his Legion membership. Jeckie's powers got the Sensor Girl upgrade.

Anonymous said...

2. I'll say it was Brainiac 5 and Supergirl. said...

1. Bouncing Boy was once listed as Bouncing Girl.

2. Element Lad and Light Lass in the first female revolt story.

3. Lightning Lass (as her brother) and Chameleon Boy (in disguise as a human woman for an undercover mission).

4. It should be "PLOP!"

5. ?

6. I want to say it a costume that resembled the one she was seen in in the Adult Legion story.

7. In one sense, Ultra Boy and Star Boy were seen with different powers than they had in their first appearances, but I'm not sure that's what you are going for. Lightning Lass got her anti-gravity powers. Do Sensor Girl's enhanced powers count?

Jonathan Miller said...

1-4 have been guessed correctly and I'm not sure of the answer to 5.

6. I seem to remember her wearing Mon-El's cape, but it's been a while since I read the GDS. (Shame, I know...)

7. I'm going to guess Lightning Lass (well, not a guess), Kinetix and Shrinking Violet (reboot version), but I think cases could be made for Projectra and Duo Damsel, although her additional power was mechanical in nature. (Brainy gave her the force field belt, remember?) And I'd bet there were others I'm not thinking of! And, of course, Star Boy lost additional powers after joining the Legion....

Jake said...

4) To be extremely pedantic, the sound was PLORP, but of course all his enemies hear is KRAK! as he beats them to death with his own arm.

7) A few more I can think of: Threeboot Projectra gained more power after joining the Legion, going from being super-rich to the traditional illusion powers (thank goodness for self-destructing worlds). Live Wire (Reboot Lightning Lad) had his powerset changed into... something after he merged with Element Lad. Not really clear on how it worked, something about transmogrification. Rond Vidar may or may not have been granted honourary membership before becoming a Green Lantern

Duke Harrington said...

1. Bouncing Girl

2. Element Lad/Light Lass

3. Ligthning Lass and Chameleon Boy

4. Quantum Lad

5. A Science Police Uniform

6. Ultra Boy, Light Lass, Invisible Kid II, Kinetix, Live Wire

Tom said...

1. Shvaughn Erin, if you believe the profem story.

3. Supergirl dresses as Superboy every now and then in the 60s, and I'm sure there's a Superboy panel somewhere that would apply here.
And Matter Eater Lad, Legionnaires 13/14 (if it still counts when under the influence of Grandin Gender Reversal Disease).

6. Her dignity.

7. So, basically, were there any Legionnaire who *didn't* gain powers after joining? I suppose you could argue almost all of them gain the power of flight immediately upon joining.

Michael said...

@Tom, for questions 1-3, I specified that the answers were found in the Adventure Comics run only. And for #7, flight rings granted the wearer the ability to fly, not the power.

Duke Harrington said...

I messed up my numbering. 4 should have been "Plorp!" Then shift all subsequent answers up one.

BTW, Supergirl also cross-dressed as Unknown Boy.

5. Quantum Lad was a lettercol suggestion, by the way, with Unca Mort answering between QQ's first depiction and first official appearance that she was QL's twin sister. I wonder if the Quantum's were originally supposed to have been from Winath?

Was Winath's predominate twin thing an Adventure era construction, or did that come later.

Duke Harrington said...

Actually, in reboot continuity, Star Boy gained his comet-based powers after recieiving his draft notice.

I also forgot LeVIathan.

Dream Girl was able to have visions without falling asleep by the S/LSH run.

Timber Wolf was said to have tracking powers during the Conway run, IIRC.

Sun Boy was originally only able to project light - then light and heat - then all manner of solar radiation.

Chameleon Boy once developed the ability to mimic a phantom and phase through objects.

Projectra developed he powerers after joining in the threeboot, learned to extend them to mimic Supergirl-like qualities in the preboot, and grew arms in the reboot.

Novelty said...

7. For the reboot, at one of its lowest point (if not the lowest) during the Team 20 year...

Apparation gained the power to control inanimate objects by phasing through them

Cosmic Boy gained NMR abilities

Ferro got the ability to morph when the Metal Man Iron's responsometers was merged to him

besides what has already been mentioned.

Outside of Team 20, who can forget Braniac 5.1, when one of his concience (or whatever) was always in tune with the Dream network on Colu

Asteroid Al said...

6. Shadows...

Shadow Kid said...

6. Tasmia's classic Grell/Cockrum-era bikini-unitard, shredded by an energy blast from the "Orion" Servant, was temporarily replaced with a standard Science Police uniform for the duration of the "Great Darkness" storyline. Her tiara was apparently also destroyed by the blast. (It's hard to say for certain, but Shady may have briefly generated her own shadow "cloak" to preserve her modesty just after the attack. See the panel depicting her with Tinya & the Controller/Time Trapper—though she might just be covering up with what's left of her old costume's cape.)

Along with a new closely-cropped hairstyle, Shadow Lass actually debuted her "Adult" era costume (itself a close replica of her "1st appearance" costume from Adventure # 365) in LSH #300, while she and Mon-El were on board the Science Asteroid. Momentarily answering to the "sophisticated" moniker of Shadow Woman, Tasmia completed her makeover with creepy Caucasian cover-up makeup—transforming into a near-facsimile (aside from the hairstyle) of her memorial statue from Adventure # 354. Luckily, she defied fate, surviving the attack on the Asteroid and debuting yet another new costume (the look she would wear for the remainder of V1) by issue's end.