Sunday, April 05, 2009

Emerald City Comic Con

I keep forgetting to check the convention calendar. This weekend is the Emerald City Comic Con.

Via Pop Culture Zoo, the DC Nation panel:

The audience was told to watch the Superman universe of books for further developments concerning the Legion of Super-Heroes with a strong indication that there would be a Superboy book in the future.

I don't see anything from CBR or Newsarama, so if you hear more, please post it in the comments.

A new Superboy and the Legion book maybe?


Ricardo said...

This is not news, Michael. Dan has already said in interviews he is putting the Legion back as he felt more successful, with Superboy.
Adventure Comics is the set up for that. I don't like it a bit, but this is how it rolls.

Terence Chua said...

More successful with Superboy? I always thought that the Legion was successful despite Superboy, not because of him. After all, who edged the Kid of Steel out of his own book?

heffison said...

I couldn't tell from the article if the Legion story and Superboy book are supposed to be the same project or not. I'm thinking that the young Clark Superboy will have some Legion time in the Secret Origin mini, but Adventure #0 made it look like the Kon-El Superboy would be active in the present and involved with Luthor. Of course, with time travel involved, we could always get a Legion story with either of those two, or both at once, so who knows.
Secret Origins (or Lo3W) may set up a new series/co-feature in Adventure with Clarkand the Legion to share space with Kon-El in the present. I think that would be a great combo, or maybe they could switch off and Adventure functions as a Superboys-themed anthology title.

Legion fans would prefer their own on-going book, but if DC doesn't have the story ideas for that, maybe it is better to have them used more sparingly but with better focus. If Superboy is written as an amazed on-looker to the wonders of the future, which he should, he doesn't have to overwhelm the Legion.

adriana said...

I practically begged for anything legion related we hadn't heard before but all he said was "watch the superman family books". I took that to mean the same things we've always heard (re: adventure comics).


Mr. Kayak said...

i love the idea of a superboy and the legion book. i really don't see the problem some readers have with clark being a member of the legion. i don't see that as demeaning for the legion, not at all. instead, i see it as an interesting addition, one that helps shape the legion mythos even better.