Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1000 Posts Later

Huh. If I posted just once a year, I'd be in the 31st century already.

So it turns out that my last trivia quiz post last week was my 1000th post here at the Omnicom. It's hard to believe that I've kept at it for that long (first post: November 8th, 2005, 3-1/2 years ago).

Over the last few years, because of the blog, I've been in contact with members of creative teams past and present, I've heard from people involved in the animated TV series, and Paul Levitz even told me (in San Diego last summer) that he pops in here from time to time. I was even consulted for a minor (non-spoilery) story element in "Legion of Three Worlds". A lot of people found me at San Diego last year just from my Simpson-ized icon, and I've met more people through this blog than I ever expected. (I'm just disappointed that The CW people didn't invite me for a set visit last fall, though, during the Legion episode of Smallville.) And I've had fun, especially due to my regular commenters, through trivia quizzes, annotations, review roundups, convention reports, sales charts, and more.

So here's to another 1000 posts. Long Live the Legion!


Richard said...

Congratulations on reaching the 1K mark!

Ricardo said...

Congrats, Michael!

Gus Casals said...

Congrats Michael!
I'm a faithful, if sometime silent reader, but I wanted to encourage 1000 more posts.

anthonyriva said...

Congrats Michael!

Thanks for keeping us in the Legion loop! It's an exciting time to be a Legion fan!

collectededitions said...

Congratulations, Michael. Long live, indeed!

peter vandeneng said...

what did you contribute to Lo3W?


congrats and THANKS!


SnowWolfNW said...

A milestone like this deserves both recognition and encouragement from those of us who visit this site in order to fly our respective Legion "Freak Flags". Thank you, Michael, and here's to another 1000+.

Michael said...

Peter: I'll reveal all that there is to reveal (which isn't really much at all) when the series concludes.

Angus said...

Congrats on the 1000 posts.

It was great meeting you at SDCC last year.



Tim said...
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Tim said...

Congrats on 1K posts, sir! Count me among your regular readers. Long Live the Legion (Omnicom)!

Mr. Kayak said...


J.D. Long said...

This is one of the blogs I check every few days, and have as long as you've been here. Usually a first stop on the web for me, and a place I know I'm gonna learn something interesting.

Long Live the Legion Omnicom!

Dr. Michael J. MacArthur said...

Congratulations to Michael Grabois
Break out the pate de foie gras.
With each blogging session
He feeds our obsession.
He's a comic book George Bernard Shaw.