Friday, April 03, 2009

Poll: When will "Legion of Three Worlds" #5 come out?

Via intrepid reporter Murray, here's Dan DiDio's latest at Newsarama:

12. Legion of 3 Worlds’ final issues are still experiencing delays. When will that finally be completed, and what does it mean for Adventure Comics and Legion plans in the rest of 2009?

DD: First of all, I’m not saying Adventure Comics and the Legion of 3 Worlds are somehow tied together (laughs), but – that said, I would expect to see Adventure Comics in late summer as its being worked on right now, and I expect that we’ll be seeing Legion of 3 Worlds #4 in April, and honestly, we’re looking at #5 two months after that, and then we’re good.

OK, so here's my poll. When do you think issue 5 is really going to come out? The first three issues came out in August 2008, October 2008, and February 2009. That would make it 10 months to get the last four issues out of a monthly miniseries.

And in the comments... are you willing to put up with the delays to get the George Perez artwork, or would you rather see it come out on time with a different artist? I had heard that Perez had slowed down, but this seems out of the ordinary.


Timothy Callahan said...

hmmm... it won't let me vote.

Anyway, I STRONGLY stand by letting Perez finish the series. The delays are annoying, but not as annoying as someone like Carlos Magno coming in and drawing the remaining pages.

I'll take the delays and the Perez, thank you very much.

SPOILER: I think Bart Allen might come back at the end (shhh)

Timothy Callahan said...

Oh, plus I've decided to delay my annotations appropriately as well. So expect annotations on issue #3 sometime this summer, and annotations on issues 4 and 5 by the end of 2010.

Matthew E said...

Might as well let Perez do it. It's not like there are any other Legion comics on the horizon that are waiting for this to finish. As long as the whole thing is in the can by the end of 2010, we should be okay, and they ought to be able to hit that target.

heffison said...

My view: If Adventure is delayed because of this, get another artist to help out immediately. Perez is a great artist, but the other books and stories have to go on. Of course, my bias here is that while I like the Legion, I'm in this for Conner Kent. Getting Lo3W done and his story moving is more important to me than a nice-looking Legion mini.

However, if they can start Adventure with a quick summary of as little as we need to know as possible, then let Perez finish Lo3W so we can see that mini in its full glory later on, that would be fine with me.

Jim Drew said...

Poll isn't working! Wah! How can I vote for August!

It should come out during Klordny Week, obviously. At last, we'll know what "Frunt" really means. "Suffer, friend, suffer! I'm not going to tell you that 'frunt' means 'the issue your non-clone comes back to life'!"

Murray said...

I'm voting for mid-July. Except I can't vote, yet.

And I'd like to see Perez finish it as well.

Am I bummed that I don't have anything to fill my Legion fix? Fer sure! But I'm not convinced that we're getting any Legion after 3 Worlds anyway. Adventure Comics looks like it's going to have some Legion connection, but whether it's just spotlighting some characters, or whether they're a back-up feature, or on some kind of rotating story arc - who knows?

Michael said...

The directors of the firm hired to continue the poll after the other people had been sacked, wish it to be known that they have just been sacked.

The poll been completed in an entirely different style at great expense and at the last minute.

"RALPH" The Wonder Llama.

adriana said...

wasn't this a bimonthly book to begin with? seeing as how it's extra large and you need the extra time to work on it?

i'm not a die hard perez fan like other people so as long as the other artist was very talented i'd be happy, honestly. as long as it's not a downgrade to some guy they pulled in off the street, i'd be fine with it. it'd be cool if they brought in some assistants to ease the burden, i mean, we don't really care if perez doesn't draw the architecture, right? or all the costumes?

but i thought the wait was with the writing...? and the fact that this is the most colossal undertaking ever might have something to do with it.

but i'm also all right with just waiting.

Murray said...

Nope it was never a bi-monthly. It just became that when the series couldn't hit it's ship dates.

As for the waits, I think at this point, it's probably a combination of different things. At DC no one has officially explained what is causing the delays, although lots of people have speculated that it's due to George being slow. There was also a rumour going around that Johns was the one causing the delays. We'll probably never know until the book is completed, and even then... maybe not.

Travis said...

Normally I would say let someone else finish up, but I have waited this long.. Might as well just keep waiting.

neftones said...

Perez has had serious health issues, that's the cause of the delays. Both he and Didio have talked about it in interviews recently.

Perez has to be, and will be, the sole artist on this book. When all is said and done, it's going to be an absolutely beautiful hardcover. It's absolutely worth the wait. No one else could do this series justice.

Michael said...

Thanks, Neftones, for the update on Perez's health. I had no idea why the series was delayed, I must have missed the interviews (which is likely since I only go to the news sites from time to time).

Here's just one interview with him at MegaCon last month that I found by googling "Perez health Legion", at Newsarama:
You know, I only started the diet I’m on a year ago and I lost most of the weight by August of last year—so it’s only been about eight months that I’ve maintained this weight. It did affect my career actually—adversely. One of the things I had to do in order to lose the weight was make time to exercise. Making time to exercise meant taking time away from my drawing board. I think that might be partially what happened to Legion of 3 Worlds as far as delays but it was a conscious thing I needed to do. I’m a diabetic—which is a health issue I have to deal with.

Jim Drew said...

adriana wrote:
i'm not a die hard perez fan like other people so as long as the other artist was very talented i'd be happy, honestly. as long as it's not a downgrade to some guy they pulled in off the street, i'd be fine with it. it'd be cool if they brought in some assistants to ease the burden, i mean, we don't really care if perez doesn't draw the architecture, right? or all the costumes?

Well, that's the crux of it, isn't it. Who wouldn't be a downgrade from Perez? Maybe Phil Jimenez or Ethan Van Sciver? (There's as much detail packing in Flash: Rebirth as in Lo3W, although not as clean.)

And by damn (RJ, RIP sniff), of course we want Perez doing the architecture and the costumes and everything. That's one of the points to this: Perez is attempting to hit *every* note of the Legion just right. If you bring in a pinch-hitter and they don't have all his references and such, and his attention to that level of detail, then it's definitely a downgrade.

Ultimately, it's going to come down to sales. What are the sales on #3, and especially going to be on #4? If they are dropping fast because of the delays, then you bring n a replacement, but if they are staying strong (read: average drop-off percentages for any mini, which is around 20% on #2, another 10% on #3, and 5% per issue after that) despite the delays, then why make the change.

And there's also the HC and TPB to look forward to. Sales on them will be stronger if its just Perez in the end. (Although by the time this series is done and those come out -- months after the other Final Crisis tie-ins will be out -- it may behoove them to just toss the "Final Crisis" reference out of the title, and encourage the collections to stand on their own.

And however late this gets, it's not Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine, or Spider-Man/Black Cat, or Daredevil: Sins of the Father. Yet.