Monday, April 06, 2009

Trivia Quiz #34

In honor of April Fools Day last week, this month's theme is funny people and parodies.

1. When did a Mxyzptlk appeared with the Legion, and how often did Legionnaires die during those meetings?

2. Which Legion parody group included Negative Lass, Lightning Lice, Loud Kid, Beachball Boy, No-Brainiac 5, Batter-Eater Lad, Butter-Eater Lad, Butler-Eater Lad, Button-Eater Lad, Mutton-Eater Lad, Kid Lass, and Kid Kid?

3. Name any three members of the Legion of Superfluous Heroes from "normalman".

4. According to the commentary within "DC Comics Presents" #59 (Superman and the Subs vs Ambush Bug, recently reprinted in the Ambush Bug Showcase volume), when did that story take place?

5. Which Legion parody featured Badtmann, Bloatman, Boobin, Camel-Lion Boy, Cap Namerica, Career Girl, Cromag-Man, Dawn Spark, Dreaming Girl, Magnethead Kid, Maniac 5, Nom-El, Phantasmic Girl, Plastic Surfer, Soopaman, Thunder Lass, Tinder Wolf, and Water Boy?

6. Which Legion included Bizarro-Brainiac 5, Bizarro-Chameleon Boy, Bizarro-Cosmic Boy, Bizarro-Invisible Kid, Bizarro-Lightning Lad, Bizarro-Mon-El, Bizarro-Saturn Girl, Bizarro-Superboy, and Bizarro-Ultra Boy?

7. I've mentioned the Space Canine Patrol Agents a couple of times recently. What's their battle cry?


Anonymous said...

1. there is the one in adventure when most of the legion died and came back to life when he was sent home, and the one in the adult legion tale when noone died that I know of.

2. The Legion of Superfluos Heroes

3. Batter-Eater Lad, Butter-Eater Lad, Butler-Eater Lad

4. During A time when the Legion is away on serious business?

5. Legion of Stupid-Heroes? (I know I've seen those names somewhere)

6. The Bizarro Legion

7. Big dog Big Dog Bow wow wow fight for justice now, now, now.


Meerkatdon said...

1. Myx and the Legion also appeared in the "Last Days of Superman" two-parter immediately post-crisis (although I don't remember if they were seen together) - I think Jimmy (Elastic Lad) Olsen died in that one.

Oh, Myx and the Legion appeared in the Wild World story in Action Comics long ago (the Legion in their time-cube). At least, I think Myx was there...Supes thought the whole Wild World thing was a result of Myx's magic, the Myx went back to the 5th dimension and the World stayed Wild. No Legionnaires died in that one.

2. That would be the Logjam of Super-Heroes from the Myxyzptlk special (does that count as a Myx/LSH appearance?)

3. I thought they already had names. :) Seriously(?), my favorites were Androgynous Person, Knuckle-Head Smith, and Unavoidable Boy.

4. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away? No, wait, that was something else....

5. Blackthorne's Legion of Stupid Heroes in all their black-and-white glory.

6. Uh, the Legion of Blue Kryptonite Avoiders?

7. Arf arf arf-arf, arf arf arf-arf-arf, arf! (Oops, I think my telepathic earplugs are on the fritz!)

Jonathan Miller said...

Most of the rest of the questions seem covered, but....

4. "Don't even try to fit this into Legion continuity" or somesuch. In other words, it probably didn't! said...

Sadly, the only answer I can provide (other than the guess that the Bizarro Legionnaires listed were all part of the 1965 Adventure story that featured the Bizarros) is "Big Dog, Big Dog, Bow Wow Wow! We'll Fight Evil, Now Now Now!"

Tom Galloway said...

The Legion made a brief appearance in Evan Dorkin's World's Funniest, where Mxy and Bat-Mite have a literally universes-shattering duel. The summary of the death count from that one would be "pretty much everyone except Mxy and Bat-Mite". Heck, they even had a scene of Perry White in the afterlife being confronted by Caesar's ghost, who was really ticked off by Perry's constant invocation of him.

Dunno if Michael was around for this one, but one year the Black Ink Irregulars fan team in the San Diego Pro/Fan Trivia match had occasion to chant the SCPA battle cry in unison at the start of a match.

royiskeen said...

1.a In the New Years Evil Mxyzptlk special as the Logjam of Super heroes. i think they all died.

b. In Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow. Cos, Garth and Imra appeared. none died, i don't think. Mxy fused with the Kryptonite Man, as i recall, and died himself somehow

c. Adventure Comics #355: Mxy joins the adult legion to battle LSV.
d. and another Adventure episode (#?)an evil Mxy (Mr Mask)kills all the legion.

2. Logjam of Superheroes

4. jonathan miller (above) is right

royiskeen said...

oh yeah, Mxy and legion in Word's Funniest as well. all died.