Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trivia Answers #34

Ooops. It's been quiet around here lately and I forgot to post the trivia quiz answers. In honor of April Fools Day, this month's theme was funny people and parodies.

1. When did a Mxyzptlk appeared with the Legion, and how often did Legionnaires die during those meetings?

The Silver Age Legion met the evil Mxyzptlk V (and everyone died except Superboy, in ADV 310), while their Adult counterparts teamed up with his good brother Mxyzptlk 5 (nobody died, in ADV 355). Everyone died in "World's Funnest". None of the Legionnaires died in "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow". And "Wild World" versions of Superman, Mxyzptlk, and the Legion appeared in Action 388.

2. Which Legion parody group included Negative Lass, Lightning Lice, Loud Kid, Beachball Boy, No-Brainiac 5, Batter-Eater Lad, Butter-Eater Lad, Butler-Eater Lad, Button-Eater Lad, Mutton-Eater Lad, Kid Lass, and Kid Kid?
The Logjam of Super-Heroes, from the Myxzptlk "New Year's Evil" one-shot from 1998.

3. Name any three members of the Legion of Superfluous Heroes from "normalman".
This LSH was so big that it took years for a complete roll call. There were at least 88 members (names listed here), including Ample Lass, Euphemism Lad, Flaccid Lad, Generic Lad, Nihilistic Kid, Sappho Girl, and Unavoidable Lad. The roll call appeared in the first 7 issues of "normalman" from Aardvark-Vanaheim and Renegade Comics (currently collected by Image, and well worth seeking out).

4. According to the commentary within "DC Comics Presents" #59 (Superman and the Subs vs Ambush Bug, recently reprinted in the Ambush Bug Showcase volume), when did that story take place?
"Don't worry about where this story takes place in continuity", or words thereabout.

5. Which Legion parody featured Badtmann, Bloatman, Boobin, Camel-Lion Boy, Cap Namerica, Career Girl, Cromag-Man, Dawn Spark, Dreaming Girl, Magnethead Kid, Maniac 5, Nom-El, Phantasmic Girl, Plastic Surfer, Soopaman, Thunder Lass, Tinder Wolf, and Water Boy?
This was Blackthorne's Legion of the Stupid-Heroes. See more here.

6. Which Legion included Bizarro-Brainiac 5, Bizarro-Chameleon Boy, Bizarro-Cosmic Boy, Bizarro-Invisible Kid, Bizarro-Lightning Lad, Bizarro-Mon-El, Bizarro-Saturn Girl, Bizarro-Superboy, and Bizarro-Ultra Boy?
The (Bizarro) Legion of Stupor-Heroes, of course, from ADV 329.

7. I've mentioned the Space Canine Patrol Agents a couple of times recently. What's their battle cry?
From Superboy 131, the SCPA's battle cry is "Big dog, big dog, bow wow wow! We'll crush evil, now now now!". No, really.

(And yes, Tom, I remember the year that the Black Ink Irregulars were the Space Canine Patrol Agency's Human Auxiliary. That was at the 2001 San Diego Comic Con's Pro/Fan Trivia contest, the only year I was on the team. See here for the gory details, but the BII lost that year.)

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