Wednesday, September 30, 2009


FYI, I'm on vacation in China this week. Unfortunately, they've
blocked (as well as Facebook, Twitter, and lots of other
sites) so I can't post directly, only via email. I have your comments
emailed to me, so I can see what you're saying, but I won't be able
to reply for a couple of weeks. I've got a trivia quiz pre-scheduled
for today, and I've got some other stuff I can mail in.

Oh, and the Chinese people in the 21st century look nothing like
their 30th century counterparts as seen in the Lightning Lad/Saturn
Girl wedding story. Perhaps it was because those Chinese were on the moon.


mlm13 said...

Have a good time in China - btw, this week's issue of Superman has a brief appearance by another long-lost Legion member posing as a Science Police officer, which could prove to be interesting. Let's just say that this character isn't exactly who they appear to be...

Patrick C said...

Very interesting. Another member on the 21st Century Espionage squad, along with Starman, Tellus, and Element Lad. I'm still wondering who Chameleon Boy is disguised as!

Jim Drew said...

Element Lad is in the 21st century? What, where, huh?

Maybe Chameleon Boy is posing as Copper in the Metal Men. < grin >

Erik Hancock said...

No trivia posted yet - perhaps crossing the date line screwed things up :0