Saturday, September 19, 2009

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2009: Captain Frake

Captain Alisia Frake of New Tartuga [Note: this entry spells it this way, while 2008's Pirate spotlight on Dynamo Boy spells it "Tortuga"]

From Who's Who in the LSH #1:
Growing up amidst the poverty and lawlessness of New Tartuga led Alisia into the most common profession of the asteroid world: piracy. Quickly gaining a reputation for her ruthlessness, she manned the pirate ship "Antares" with cutthroats and led a successful pirating career until she crossed the path of Ultra Boy, who was floating through space after being thought killed by Pulsar Stargrave. Captain Frake fell for Ultra Boy, but he turned against her when the Legionnaires arrived on New Tartuga to arrest the pirates. Captain Frake and her crew were killed when the blast from a weapon called the Star Crusher ricocheted off Ultra Boy.

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Murray said...

Alisia? Wow! That sounds like such a sweet, dainty name. Doesn't really match up with the touch cookie that we saw in the story.