Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Bits of Legionnaire Business

More stuff:

Former editor KC Carlson (late v4/early reboot) talked about Legion of 3 Worlds from the perspective of both a former staffer and a fan. Go read it.

I had a lot to be worried about, especially after my normally loving wife had cynically put it into my head early in the series that “you know, a lot of the characters are just gonna be cannon fodder. They’re probably going to kill off ‘your’ Legion to make room for a new one.” Thankfully, a chance meeting with Geoff Johns at last year’s Wizard Chicago Con gave Geoff the opportunity to say “I hope you’ll be pleased with what happens with ‘your’ Legion – especially with XS and Gates, who I loved writing!” Thankfully, I was very pleased at how the whole thing turned out, especially since most of the characters did survive, although it was often a brutal and bloody fight.

...Yeah, I’m still a little bent about the Legion just being the back-up, although I hear from “knowledgeable insiders” that this is more of a placeholder as DC’s PTB work out the details of just what the Legion’s place in the new DCU will exactly be. And it looks like with the recent announcements, Paul Levitz may now be more of a part of those discussions.

...When Mark Waid, Tom McCraw, and I spent several months determining how to streamline the Legion and all its various far-flung stoylines and situations prior to the big Zero Hour event – now known as the Legion Reboot – I kept trying to break down what the Legion was in its most basic form. I kept coming back to this phrase: “Kids in the future in space.” That was the Legion that I grew up reading, and I felt that’s what made the series so special.

Legion Abstract has a long essay (with a neat little pun as the title) on the Great Darkness Saga (which DC should really put back in print now!) focusing on how Darkseid was portrayed in relation to the Legion.
I once said that what the GDS was really about was fear. I don't think that anymore, but I do think I had a point. What I think now is that Darkseid and the Legion never really understood each other.

I'm still several episodes behind in "Smallville" (and getting behinder) but apparently a Legion flight ring played a part in the season finale last May and in the season premiere this week. The FlickCast has a picture and a video clip. IO9 has more on this season of "Smallville" in general, but they also say that the Legion is rumored to reappear (wishful thinking or is this news?).

Asgard Press has the 2009-2010 DC Calendar with vintage covers. For whatever reason, they chose the cover to Superboy 147 for October 2009. (Thanks Mike for the tip!)

Get-a-Life Boy reviews the Legion in Comics for the 9/16 week.

Comix Secret HQ looks at the Adult Legion of Super-Villains.

And don't forget that the new miniseries "Superman: Secret Origin" ends issue 1 with a plug for issue 2 in which the Legion shows up. They used the 1970s "Superboy & The Legion" style logo.


Nikki said...

I don't think there are legionnaires in smallville for a while. We have spoilers up to 11 and no indication of Legion. Although, Lois' time travel is a big part of the season its possible Legion could turn up towards the end of the second half

Bill D. said...

I have to think DC will put Great Darkness back into print at some point, even if it's as one of their $40 DC Library hardcovers. In fact, I kinda wonder why they went with Ferro Lad over GDS (or even Earthwar) for that first one.

Mela said...

KC - Don't listen to your wife. Her blog is the bitchiest thing on the web, even more than me. That's saying something, dude.