Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bits of Legionnaire Business

More bits...

Some reviews of Adventure Comics #2:

  • Matthew at Legion Abstract "reviews" the issue, but the discussion in the comments section is more interesting.

  • Pulptone:
    "Characters I only know on surface value but everything you need to know about the story is right there. The comic reads just like it’s name. Adventure."

  • Comix101
    "Although this is my first introduction to the Legion I like what Geoff is doing here so far and look forward to the rest of the story... Absolutely recommend this book. Even if you’re not familiar with the characters like I am with the Legion, you will not be disappointed."

  • Paradox Comics
    "I’ve never been that fussed with the Legion of Superheroes but while I’m a way off from considering myself a fan, the second instalment of the backup was a lot more involving than the first, and I’m quite intrigued by the direction Johns is taking the story."

  • Newsarama's Best Shots
    "While I wasn't a fan of last month's debut, seeing the Legion in their natural habitat really was great this time around."

  • Rokk's Comic Book Revolution
    "And what hurts the pace Johns has decided to take with this series is that we already know that he is going to be leaving this book after issue #6 to work on the new Flash ongoing series, and taking Francis Manapul with him. This kills any sort of momentum that this series might have had as Johns has clearly written these first two issues as start up points for an even larger story he was waiting to tell. But because his run on this title ends with issue #6 any long-term plans he had for this series is thrown out the window as with a new creative team there will most likely be a new direction for this series.

    Also I am not too sure about the choice of Paul Levitz, former President of DC Comics, being helmed to take over writing duties. I am not familiar with Levitz's work but it feels like a strange choice for a series about a teenage superhero. And I am not taking his age into account but it is more that it has been a long time since he has written anything of note that he will probably be very rusty. Coming on to write a book like Adventure Comics seems like an odd choice for him to begin writing on an ongoing basis again.

Superhero Times reviews the new DC Direct Booster Gold figure, whose sculpt includes a Legion flight ring on his right hand.

Don "Get-a-Life Boy" Sakers thinks he's come up with a fairly ingenious way to fix the Legion timeline.
The Problems:

1. The Legion is 50+ years old, but its members are in early adulthood (20s - 30s).

2. The Legion interacts with the "present day" DC Universe on a fixed 1,000-year interval.

3. Reconciling these two conditions results in a Legion chronology that is ever-changing and ever-shrinking to match the current DC Universe.

4. Everybody keeps messing with the Legion, and there is no agreement on fundamental principles.

5. By the nature of the problems, most solutions are only temporary. Ideally, any solution should still stand when the Legion celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2058.

Subzero at Tales from the Kryptonian thinks he's figured out why sometimes in the early stories the Legion was referred to as being from the 21st century instead of the 30th. Hint: it involves Cosmic King of the Legion of Super-Villains.

Legion Abstract looks back at the Omen/Prophet storyline. Bonus points for the title of this entry: "Step 1: Omen. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Prophet!"
Anyway, that's “Omen and the Prophet” for you. Not a great story, not as bad as its reputation, some obvious flaws, some points of interest. Give it another look.


Greybird said...

Thanks for rounding up so many links to reviews of Adventure, as you've long been doing. My own searches seem to miss a great deal of the blogosphere, on many matters, not just comics- or Legion-related topics.

Brainy Pirate said...

I think at one point Michael mentioned using an automated Google search to be notified whenever a blog mentions Adventure. I've used this too for some of my work-related research. Perhaps that kind of search tool is what you need?

Michael said...

I've got "legion of superheroes" and "legion of super-heroes" on Google Alert for blog posts, that's where the vast majority of my links come from. I should add "adventure legion" too.

Greybird said...

Entirely missed Google Alerts until now, amidst their endless menus of services. (It's in "beta" ... but Gmail was that way for five years.) Thanks for those heads-up.

Mela said...

Thanks for linking these, although I have to stop clicking on the Abstract's links. Matthew E's snotty whinging is the kind of behavior that justifies the use of Superboy-Prime. Is there anything he's liked that's been done in the past twenty years?