Monday, September 07, 2009

Toronto Fan Expo 2009 (Dan DiDio doesn't "get" the LSH)

Forgot about this one last week. Here's an interesting report from Newsarama on the DC Nation panel there:

When the floor opened up to other topics, someone inquired whether there were plans to expand on the Legion of Superheroes?

“The problem with Legion of Superheroes is the big cast and my biggest personal problem was the lack of Superboy and the inspiration for the team,” offers DiDio. “That was so key to the origin and so key to so much going on there that without that, without Superboy to inspire the team, it lost its own purpose and just became a team. It was something set in the future, but it didn’t have a real tether to what was going on in the DC Universe currently. What we are trying to do is rebuild that time, rebuild that sensibility, and hopefully rebuild a Legion that is a strong powerful set of characters in the DC U again.”

Well gee, it might have been nice to allow Mark Waid to use Superboy then when he was rebooting the Legion, wouldn't it?

Snell at Monstrobot has an in-depth rebuttal on how Dan DiDio apparently just doesn't "get" the Legion.

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