Monday, September 07, 2009

Trivia Quiz #39

Some new questions for you, back on track (for the time being) on the first Monday of the month....

1. BION had the powers of all Legionnaires except for who?

2. Which active Legionnaire did not take part in Earthwar?

3. In Blackest Night, the dead are rising to become Black Lanterns. Which 20th century heroes arose when Mordru raised the dead in v4 #43-48?

4. Which Legionnaires named themselves after an animal?

5. Cosmic Boy, in his civilian identity, was once shown going to a movie date with someone other than Lydda "Night Girl" Jath. Which 20th century movie star was shown on the movie screen (updated to the 30th century)?

6. Who else besides XS, Iris Allen, and Iris's family is related to Bart Allen and comes from the 31st century?

7. The Magic Castle is a real-life magic-themed nightclub in Hollywood. What Legion connection does it have?


Nikki said...

I'm rubbish at this stuff but

3)Jonah Hex and Robin maybe
4)porcupine pete, chameleon
5)Owen Mercer (captain Boomerang II)

That is all I have.

Nikki said...

The last one is 6, not 5. You see Mensa isn't fighting for me.

Greg Morrow said...

2. Tyroc, of course.

3. As I recall, Barry Allen.

4. Timber Wolf

Dvandom said...

4. In addition to those above, Ultra Boy is named at least in part after the Ultra Energy Beast from which he got his powers. (I won't stretch that to the Lightning Beasts of Korbal, since "ultra" isn't a separate thing like lightning.)

6. Do you mean for the Tornado Twins to count under "Iris's family"?

7. I believe that's where the Legion of Super-Gamblers convenes.

Meerkatdon said...

4. Chameleon Boy, Timber Wolf, Catspaw, Gazelle, Spider Girl, and Insect Queen. If mythological animals count, include Dragonmage and Leviathan -- and Ultra Boy called himself Emerald Dragon for a while. Among the Subs & trainees, there was Porcupine Pete and Lamprey.

6. Does that kid Inertia count? Isn't he some kind of relation to Bart?

Anonymous said...

6) Malcolm Thawne-Colbalt Blue grandfather

Jonathan L. Miller said...

7. It's a museum of (often real) magical artifacts in the 31st century and figured in both the GDS (Servants stole objects of power) and the Magic Wars.

Jim Drew said...

1. Kono (and anyone else new in the TMK era)

4. Do we get to count every Lad/Lass/Boy/Girl/Man/Woman/Princess/Queen/King? Probably not. But Chameleon Girl hasn't been mentioned.

6. Inertia is a clone of Impulse.