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LSH v4 #10 annotations: "Five Years Later" (part 10)

Annotations for Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #10

  • Page 1 panel 1: Claudet Circle Motor Lodge (named after part of Rich Morrissey's address)
  • Page 2: Rokk has arrived on Winath with Laurel and Rond, and Rokk tells Jo about baby Lauren. Cham, Jo, Kono, Furball, and Mysa are already there, as is Brainiac 5 (and of course Garth, Ayla, Imra, and Vi live there now)
  • Page 5: Shagrek was a member of the Taurus Gang (ADV 374), in his only appearance. This scene of Blok, White Witch, and Shagrek is new to this issue.
  • Page 6: Looks like a statue of Triplicate Girl. Bounty, Devlin, Celeste, and Jan are already on Winath as well.
  • Page 7 panel 6: take note of what they’re watching on TV, it’ll come into play next issue. “Wild Archaelogy: The Titan Presidents of Bismoll” is on tomorrow.
  • Page 8: First time we’ve seen Mekt
  • Page 10, panel 2: No spoilers, but this panel is a clue that Bounty might be someone that we’ve seen before? Only thing is that Roxxas went insane before Bounty was originally introduced, so if he recognizes her, it’s not from meeting her.
  • Page 11: Roxxas doesn’t realize Mekt has reformed, he thinks that Mekt is there to kill the Legionnaires too, because that’s what Lightning Lord would do.
  • Page 15: Cham is shot in the head, Celeste in the leg.
  • Page 16: Roxxas is beating the crap out of Celeste.
  • Page 18: Jo’s not dead, he’s just going to be missing from the storyline for a while. 
  • Page 19 panel 4: Marella Tao is back on TV, we saw her a few issues ago
  • Page 19 panel 7: Lyga (after Barry Lyga)
  • Page 20 panel 7: confirmation that the Dominators are secretly in control of Earthgov
  • Page 21 panel 5: Electro Tower again, seen in issue 9 and way back in ADV 346-347.
  • Page 22 panel 1: Senator Kem!
  • Page 22 panel 4: Venturan walking money is new-ish. We first saw Barakian Living Money back in ADV 309 in the Space Bank, which was robbed by Jungle King and his Legion of Super-Monsters. Tom Bierbaum later wrote in IOKIAS: “I remember it taking me probably an hour of wading through Legion history to find where the walking money had previously appeared, so I could accurately identify it.  And now I can't remember at all where it came from.  We identify it as "Venturan" and I think that's not actually accurate in terms of where the money was supposed to come from in its initial appearance.  I believe we never found the planet of origin and just assigned it to the gaming world of Ventura.”
  • Page 22 panel 5: Calorie Queen was the Bismollian member of the Legion of Super-Rejects (SBOY 212), a bunch of wannabees who tried to join the Legion in place of others from their homeworlds (Imsk, Titan, Braal, Durla, Bgztl, Bismoll). She’s one of the few who didn’t turn bad. 
  • Omnicom 1: 
    • Marko Chang was a U.P. council member who charged the Legionnaires with the murder of his son, Redvik, but Brainiac 5 revealed that Redvik was still alive. (SLSH 235-236
    • Chang owns the secret bank account that Roxxas has been drawing money from, funded by massive unofficial payments from Earthgov.
  • Omnicom 2:
    • Mekt was admitted on Feb 17, 2989. Per the Bierbaum timeline, this was about 4 months prior to the death of Pol Krinn. Did we see Mekt go into rehab? 
    • Paroled on day 829, which is May 27, 2991.

    Here's what we know of the timeline to date. I'm color coding them based on whether the date appeared in the 2995 Sourcebook (yellow; text in yellow is as written in the Sourcebook), it's a confirmed date that was given in the comic (green), or an estimated date based on keeping track of events and days (cyan). Bold text is something new added this issue. Italics are unknown dates.
    • 2/17/89 – Mekt admitted to Labyrinth Penal Institute (LSH v4 #10)
    • 6/23/89 – Magic Wars end (LSH v3 #63)
    • 10/89 – the Great Collapse
    • 4/90 – Validus Plague ravages Winath; former Legionnaire Brainiac 5 helps (LSH v4 #3).
    • 4/13/90 – Communique from Earthgov President Wellington, trying to legally disband the Legion, with Imra, Rokk, and Cham “currently out of the picture” (LSH v4 #1).
    • 4/12/91 – Tinya goes missing (LSH v4 #2)
    • 5/8/91 – Search for Tinya called off; Sun Boy is leader (LSH v4 #2)
    • 5/27/91 – Mekt released from Labyrinth, rehabilitated (LSH v4 #10)
    • 6/9/91 – Planned date of wedding of Tinya and Jo (LSH v4 #2)
    • TBD 2991 – Garth and Imra, having left the Legion, start the Lightning Ring Plantation (LSH v4 #3)
    • 1/21/92 – Rebirth Summit (LSH v4 #1)
    • 7/6/92 – LSH leader Polar Boy disbands the Legion, mentions Black Dawn which “cost” the Legion (LSH v4 #1).
    • 7/6/92 – LSH leader Polar Boy disbands the Legion, mentions Black Dawn which cost the Legion (LSH v4 #1); Mordru coronated as the Supreme Teacher of Sorceror’s World (LSH v4 #6)
    • Wed 10/22/94 – Raid on anti-government terrorists, but ringleader Vidar (aka Universo) is not captured; Cham tells Marla he’s leaving (LSH v4 #1).
    • Thu 10/23/94 – Cham begins to recruit members for the new Legion, first approaching Rokk; Vi leaves the Imsk army for Winath; Dominator agents help someone escape from Labyrinth (LSH v4 #1).
    • Fri 10/25/94 – Attack on Jo and Kono on Rimbor; Loomis and Lydda en route to Kathoon (LSH v4 #2).
    • Mon 11/17/94 – Article in InterFaces magazine about the Lightning Ring Plantation (LSH v4 #3)
    • Fri 11/21/94 – Blok is killed by Roxxas the Butcher (LSH v4 #3).
    • Thu 11/27/94 – Mordru crushes Rond Vidar’s ring; Rokk and Cham finally meet up with Jo and decide to go to Tharn to rescue Mysa; Dominators and Shvaughn Erin watch the tape of Roxxas and Blok, whose body is delivered to Winath; Mon-El resurrected (LSH v4 #3).
    • Fri 11/28/94 – Mon-El goes to Talok VIII, then Shadow Lass and Mon-El visit Brainiac 5, then Mon-El destroys the Time Trapper (LSH v4 #4)
    • Sat 11/29/94 – Cham, Rokk, Jo, Kono, and Furball arrive on Tharn and are captured by Mordru; after being hired by Earthgov to find Blok’s killer, Celeste, Devlin, and Bounty leave for Trom (LSH v4 #6)
    • Sun 11/30/94 – Celeste, Devlin, and Bounty meet Jan on Trom (LSH v4 #6); with the help of Laurel Gand, Rokk’s crew rescues Mysa and Rond from Mordru but are teleported to Grocz; Celeste, Devlin, Bounty, and Jan leave Trom for Winath (LSH v4 #7)
    • Mon 12/1/94 – Rokk, Cham, Jo, Kono, Furball, Rond, Laurel, and Mysa travel from Grocz to Zirr (LSH v4 #8)
    • Tues 12/2/94 – Rokk, Laurel, and Rond take some R&R time on Zirr with baby Lauren, while the others go to Winath; Marla reminisces (LSH v4 #8); on Cygnus IV, Roxxas watches a holo of Laurel Gand; Celeste, Devlin, Bounty, and Jan arrive on Winath (LSH v4 #9)
    • Wed 12/3/94 – Rokk, Laurel, and Rond arrive in the morning; everyone (Rokk, Rond, Laurel; Cham, Jo, Kono, Furball, Mysa; Celeste, Devlin, Bounty, Jan; Brainy, Garth, Ayla, Vi, Imra) is on Winath when Roxxas attacks; Bounty, Mekt, Cham, and Celeste are seriously injured, while Jo disappears and is presumed dead; Earthgov linked to Roxxas; Tenzil arrives on Earth (LSH v4 #10)
    • April 2995 – Imra & Garth’s twins due (LSH v4 #3)
    Unknown dates, presented in the order they were revealed in the comics:
    • Black Dawn: something big and bad happened. Polar Boy says “you know what that cost us”. Sun Boy was a previous leader. By the time it happened, Chameleon Boy had left the Legion and “watched everything fall to pieces” (LSH v4 #1). 
    • Rokk and Loomis are injured in the Braal/Imsk War at Venado Bay, and Rokk lost his powers. Salu was somehow involved on the Imsk side, which did some questionably legal things. Imsk won, as the army is occupying Braal. (LSH v4 #1) She says that Braal attacked Imsk, and they were just defending themselves. She was head of security on the damper project and knew what it would do, but fought against it (not hard enough, in her admission). (LSH v4 #10)
    • At some point, the Science Police Earth splintered off from the main Science Police (referred to as Science Police Proper) (LSH v4 #2)

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