Wednesday, August 14, 2019

LSH v4 annotations: Flight Ring Village promo & Amazing Heroes #172

Volume 3 of the Legion's book ended with issue 63, published July 20, 1989. On September 12, the first issue of Volume 4 came out, taking the series Five Years Later. In between, though, DC put out a promotional flyer in comic shops advertising the upcoming series. I estimate this came out on August 15, 1989.

Originally, the flyer was folded in half the wrong way. It was supposed to be a shot of the three founders on the front, then you open it up and there's the old Legion HQ repurposed as Flight Ring Village in a 2-page spread, and then on the back is a text piece for what's coming up. But instead, page 3 was the front cover, open it up and there's pages 4 and 1, then page 2 on the back cover. It's presented here as it was supposed to be.

Also around this time, a preview came out in Amazing Heroes #172, telling the readers what was going to happen in the first year or so of the new series. Some of it actually came true, as characters and plot points shifted and the editor left, among other things. Still, it was a new cover by Giffen and a high profile launch.

Amazing Heroes 172 cover

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