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LSH v4 #5 annotations: "Five Years Later" (part 5)

Annotations for Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #5

  • On sale date: January 16, 1990 
  • It's OK, I'm a Senator: Issue 5 Recollections (March 28, 2009). This is Tom Bierbaum discussing all of the stuff going on behind the scenes that culminated in this issue.
  • Legion of Substitute Podcasters episode 555 (June 3, 2019)
  • Timeline: this takes place on November 29-30, 2994, but in an alternate timeline
Any bold names below might be Interlac or Legion fandom related, if you recognize something, leave a comment!
  • Page 2 panel 1: the 17th anniversary of Mordru's reign, which means he came to power in 2977, but there was no Mordru stuff in 2977 (in the Sourcebook revised timeline). The closest was 9/24/76 in the untold first battle, and 11/78 where he chased Superboy back to the 20th century (Adventure 369-370) in his first appearance in print.
  • Page 2, panels 4-5: Gavril and Ives are new. Celeste will be important later, Foxmoor not as much. Jacques and Douglas are probably Foccart and Nolan (Invisible Kid II and Ferro Lad in another timeline). Looks like Brek Bannin in panel 5.
  • Page 4: the story of Ferro Lad's sacrifice
  • Page 5: the shape-shifter with mercantile power is RJ Brande
  • Page 6: Not Dream Girl, but Glorith, who was briefly and obscurely one of Time Trapper’s pawn/minions in ADV 338
  • Page 7: RIP Heroes of Lallor and the Ranzz family.
  • Page 8: the Puppet Master is the Time Trapper
  • Page 10: the high-tech screen reads LACSA in Interlac
  • Page 11: Agents 5AJ and 5HY (part of London postal codes)
  • Page 13: the exchange of Phase and the Durlan from L.E.G.I.O.N. #9... "The Puppet Master brought the Durlan into the 30th century"
  • Page 14 panel 9: Andrew Nolan is going to cross over into a TV show?
  • Page 21: "The legendary source of inspiration must be replaced... the financier must be delivered... many of the original pieces gone with the Puppet Master, so we make our own and pray they serve their purpose." So going forward, things aren't going to be identical to how they used to be - in particular, with regards to the Time Trapper and Superboy's replacements in the timeline. 
  • Page 23 panel 9: first appearance of the current "L + comet” symbol, which endures to today (in Reboot, Threeboot, and retconned into Retroboot)
  • Knights of the 30 = 30th century, not 30 characters
No timeline in this issue because it doesn't count, but it starts in the afternoon of Nov. 29th and ends the next morning when Mordru wakes up. Next issue resets the timeline back to Nov. 29th and picks up from there.

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