Saturday, June 24, 2006

Animated commentary

Nice to see the extra couple hundred hits from the Newsarama link ("What's Interlac for 'Run this by legal'?") yesterday, it was my biggest traffic day since my April Fool's Day joke that Warren Ellis linked to. A number of other sites either mentioned the Superboy/Superman switch or reposted the info. Hey, I finally scooped Comics Continuum! :)

Oh, and someone already got the answer to the Newsarama question:

Check out some animated commentary:

  • The Absorbascon
    Love Bouncing Boy, but my horrified gaze is riveted on the desecration of Brainiac 5, who's been reimagined as some sort of ... machine.

    To which I can only say:


    (It makes more sense in context, really)

  • A Day in the Life


    This just isn't my day...

    Still though, they cancled Teen Titans & Justice League Unlimited, and all I get is this?!?

    Seriously, what the fuck is this? Justice League light? A shit version of Teen Titans?


    Who am I kidding? I'll watch it.

  • Tales from the Longbox:
    What is the deal with Brainiac Five’s neck???

  • Thanks to MondoComic for the translation of the Newsarama article into Spanish, but next time could you not strip attribution of both my page and Newsarama's?

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