Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Animated LSH news 36: Stan Berkowitz

Viewers of the Justice League cartoons will recognize this name: Stan Berkowitz, who wrote many of the highly-regarded shows ("Tabula Rasa", "A Better World", "Secret Society", "Wild Card"), has written at least one episode of the Legion cartoon.

In an interview on World's Finest Online, he is asked about his current projects:

Earlier this year, I worked on an episode of "The Batman" dealing with The Riddler's backstory, and an episode of "Legion Superheroes" about the conflict between profit and altruism. I had a great time working on both of them, and look forward to seeing the finished versions in September of this year.

His next project, he says, is working with Bruce Timm on a direct-to-video adaptation of DC's "New Frontier" miniseries.

(Via MillarWorld)

Update: Oops, we weren't supposed to know about the New Frontier thing. The question and answer containing the Legion episode info has been removed.

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