Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Animated LSH news 38: David Slack, writer

The TitansTower Monitor Room has an update on the former Teen Titans writers who are now working on the Legion animated show, and revealed the writers of a couple of episodes.

David Slack revealed, "While I've been on hiatus [from "Law & Order,"], I've just completed an episode of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES for the illustrious Rob Hoegee."

"Yeah, I was lucky enough to have both Amy [Wolfram] and David come in and do an episode or two," Rob noted. "I'm nearing the last legs of the first season of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. And as reported, it will air this fall on the Kids-WB! on the CW network. It will be on at 11am just before THE BATMAN."

I assume that means that from a writing and voice acting side, the season is almost finished. The first recording session was in February, which would put this at 4-5 months of work writing/acting per season of 13 episodes, with about 7-8 months of drawing per season.

So far, we know that Slack, Wolfram, Matt Wayne, and Stan Berkowitz have written at least one episode each (or collaborated with someone). Add to that Story Editor Rob Hoegee and Producer James Tucker, and that's six names right there (Wolfram is a Story Editor too). Sounds to this untrained ear like enough writers to tackle a 13-episode season (though of course I have no clue whatsoever what goes into writing a series!).

Rob, care to comment, add, or correct anything?

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Nightwing said...

Hey! Bill from titanstower.com here. I can tell you that Rob Hoegee and James Tucker are the two creative guys heading up LEGION. David Slack and Amy Wolfram wrote for the show, but they arent officially on the staff of the show.

Also from TEEN TITANS: One of the character designers and one of the directors are both on LEGION staff.