Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Animated LSH news 39: AJ Vargas, producer (and more)

Combining some info from a recent comment, from Titans Tower, and TitansGo... reports that US production on season 1 of the Legion show will wrap next month:

Our Legion crew sources tell us the series will be wrapping up its 1st Season production in late July (scripts, audio, designs & storyboards...only thing left is overseas animation)!

Updates and clarifications to things I wrote here based on a recent Titans Tower post:
  • David Slack (IMDB) is a freelancer who wrote one episode. He's not on staff.
  • Amy Wolfram (IMDB) worked on a couple of episodes. I had reported earlier that she was on staff as a story editor (which I got from TitansGo) but someone with first-hand knowledge tells me that's incorrect, she's a freelancer.
  • And according to my source, Rob Hoegee is more than just a story editor, he developed the show along with James Tucker (who I had thought all along was the single guiding force) and producer AJ Vargas (IMDB). Vargas was recently an associate producer on Teen Titans.

So the only confirmed staff writer we know about so far is Matt Wayne, along with Tucker and Hoegee.

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