Friday, June 30, 2006

Issue 19 reviews

Nice change of pace. I liked the "hard-boiled detective" talk by Chameleon. I half-expected him to say "My name's Chameleon. I'm a cop" or "Book 'em, Danno".

Rokk (of Rokk's Comic Book Revolution) was very eager to read the book, posting this the day before it came out:

What am I least looking forward to? In DC, that is soooo easy. Supergirl and the high jacking of the Legion of Super Heroes #19. I just can’t wait to see what underwhelming issue DC is going to push off on us this week! Hopefully, DC will finally showcase Supergirl a little on this title. She just hasn’t gotten enough attention. Supergirl really is an underutilized character.

But the next day he bought and read the issue, starting with this:
I’m totally over this title. I’m resigned to the fact that DC has butchered this comic since the day that Paul Levitz left it. And there is no reason for me to believe that DC will ever get this title right again.

On to the review...
This issue was just average. Nothing great and nothing terrible. One huge positive about this issue was that we only had to put up with Supergirl for 3 pages! [snip] The pacing is slow. The story feels unfocused. I wish that Waid would focus more on the Dominators and their plan or this new team that is forming whether it is the Legion of Super Villains or the Legion of Substitute Heroes rather than the robot rebellion. [snip] However, I simply cannot recommend this Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes to anyone other than the most die-hard Supergirl and Legion fans.

Hypno-Hustler and the Mercy Killers wrote in seebelow that he (they?) read this issue first of all the comics he bought instead of saving the money for retirement.
As to the issue...well, it was kinda okay. Waid is failing abjectly at interesting me in the greater milieu of the latest interpretation of the 30th century; nothing in his constructed world compels me in the slightest. But the plots are still boffo: the whole deal with Supergirl's belief that it was all her imagination was really well-done, and this issue gave us a pretty fine locked-door mystery and a nice cliffhanger at the end.

More to come when I find them.

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