Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It can't be that easy, can it?

SPOILERS for 52 week 5....

The secret behind Supergirl's appearance in the 30th century can't be that easy, can it?

In 52 week 5, we finally find out what happened to the space-faring team out near the hole in space (from the Rann/Thanagar War). Alan Scott is telling Steel what happened to his team:

The aftereffects of healing a rift in space over 95 million miles wide were unbelievable. It wasn't just energy that emenated from it. It was some kind of reality-warping wave. ... Adam Strange told Mal Duncan to open up a portal that would lead to the northern hemisphere of the planet Rann, all in hopes of rediverting a zeta beam to our location in order to teleport us back to Earth. A moment later, the zeta beam came through. But something went wrong. It was splintered by the portal, like a ray of light sent through a prism. A beam struck Cyborg and Firestorm, fusing them together. Another hit Hawkgirl and Bumblebee. Still another sent Supergirl... somewhere...

It appears that "somewhere" is actually "somewhen" - the 30th century. So after some time in the future with the Legion, she'll make it back to the present in time for "One Year Later". Apparently.

Just before he was blasted, Red Tornado's last words were "It's coming! 52! 52!" The Dominators in the 30th century remember the 52. Apparently there's going to be a real plot in this series, not just a year-long series of vignettes.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I think it is a little more difficult than that. I think the "reality-warping" wave actually split her in two, sending one to the future permanently, and one to the present time.