Sunday, June 25, 2006

LegionWiki - the new Encyclopedia Galactica

Looks like Scott and the guys over at LegionWorld have finally gone public with the new LegionWiki. For those of you who don't know what a wiki is, check out the Wikipedia. Wikis are collaborative encyclopedia entries, where basically anyone can create or edit any entry (of course, if you erase the entry on Bouncing Boy and put in "for a good time, call Luornu", someone else can just as easily fix it).

Think of it as the Encyclopedia Galactica of the 21st century.

Similar wikis have been created for other continuity and character driven series, such as Superman, X-Files and Star Trek. Chaim Mattis Keller created a Legion help file some years back that attempted to be comprehensive, but because of the serial nature of the comics business it was outdated after a month. This is the next level of that, but now anyone can help. You think you're an expert on Kid Psycho? The Planetary Chance Machine? All the models of the Legion Cruiser? That and more you'll eventually find there.

So go sign in and create that entry on Kono Juice that we know you've been dying to share with everyone.

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