Saturday, June 03, 2006

More stuff coming soon

Various Legion-related things coming up later this year:

  • JSA: Mixed Signals TPB, reprinting JSA 76-81.
    Following the events of DAY OF VENGEANCE, the DCU's magic-based heroes are vulnerable — and the ancient magician Mordru plans to take full advantage of the situation. Meanwhile, the fate of Atom Smasher is decided, the OMACs attack, and Green Lantern is drafted to help in an intergalactic war!

  • Justice Society #1
    As discussed here earlier, a new Starman will be in the relaunched JSA. The cover to the first issue, an homage to the cover of All-Star Squadron #1, shows Starman in a photo of prospective members.

  • Justice League of America #1
    In the August solicitations (Newsarama, DC Comics), JLA #1 will have two covers, A and B, from the left and right halves of the two-page spread we saw in Wizard a few months ago. But as pointed out by others (LegionClubhouse and Icewing00) a while back, is that Karate Kid in the back row next to the flag that Hawkman is holding? Here's a closeup picture.

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