Friday, June 02, 2006

Wizard World Philly '06: Day 1

Newsarama's got news (arama!) from Wizard World: Philadelphia this weekend. At Friday's DC Nation panel, Dan Didio noted that:

Supergirl’s appearance in the Legion of Super-Heroes has helped the book’s sales, with Wayne noting that the series is now the best-selling of all of DC’s 1,001 Year Later titles.

Funny how different reporters hear different things. WizardUniverse's coverage of this panel says
Bob Wayne acknowledged the success of Supergirl's inclusion in Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes. "The sales of the book have gone up since the addition of Supergirl," Wayne said. "It's the most successful book from our '1,001 Years later line.'"

Of course, because it's the only 1001 Years Later title. But non-pedantically, from a participant who was there, this isn't exactly correct. S/LSH got the biggest boost out of all DC books from the "One Year Later" effort, it's not the best selling book in the DC line. You can see what a big bump it got here, around 15,000 extra issues sold.

ComicBookResources has a little more:
Didio was particularly evasive on the subject of The Flash. He did not reveal the identity of the Flash in the upcoming new series. He refused to say if we’ve seen him before, or if we’d be seeing Wally West, Bart Allen, XS, or the Speed Force any time soon. However, we will be seeing what happened to Superboy while he was trapped in the Speed Force.

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