Saturday, June 03, 2006

Wizard World Philly '06: Day 2

Add another name to the list of top artists who've said they want to work on the Legion book: Jim Lee. George Perez has already gone on record twice (at the Pittsburgh and Motor City cons) that he'd like to work on the book too.

At Lee's Q&A panel at WizardWorld (as reported by CBR), he said:

If he could work on any character in the DCU that he hasn’t worked on before, it’d be "All Star Batman and Robin", on time.

“No, 'Legion of Superheroes.' One issue a year” Lee joked.

The "joke" aspect had to do with the "one issue a year" rate that he'd be able to handle, given his track record.

Also, at the "DCU: One Year Greater" panel, CBR reported that
Supergirl will continue to be a part of "Legion of Super Heroes" as long as sales warrant. In August, Brainiac 5’s plans to resurrect Dream Girl are finally set into motion.

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