Saturday, July 01, 2006

Animated LSH news 40: Heather Hogan, voice of Phantom Girl

While checking out the Legion's entry in the IMDB tonight, I read that Heather Hogan will be the voice of Phantom Girl. I haven't found that anywhere else on the web, and the IMDB entries have no public histories like Wikipedia so we can't easily see who entered her name or when. But knowing that the IMDB isn't 100% accurate when it comes to stuff in production, take the name with a grain of salt (unless anyone can actually verify it). Hogan has done some animation and video game work (such as the "Land Before Time" sequels) and has had some small roles in TV episodes and movies.

(I started the Legion's entry in the IMDB, and it takes forever to get updates.)

The entry also lists Glenn Wong as a character designer. Unless there's another Glenn Wong who's an artist, this particular one has been an assistant production coordinator for several live-action TV series. Doesn't sound like that's an animation character designer's previous job, but I could be wrong.


Ben Jones said...

I think IMDb has mixed up two different Glenn Wongs here. The Glenn Wong on Legion is the Glenn Wong who was a character designer on Justice League (not listed in the IMDb entry). I've already fixed it, but it'll take a week or so to kick in. Generally, I find IMDb to at least be more reliable than

Michael said...

Thanks, Ben, I'll update this when the IMDB gets fixed.

Any other names you want to provide? :)

Ben Jones said...

I already threw a couple more into IMDb while I was there.