Friday, July 28, 2006

Post SDCC report 3: Legion Panel

(Earlier: coverage from Titans Tower Monitor, Legion World, and Wizard Universe.)

Comic Book Resources and Comics Continuum are finally catching up on posting full articles on the panels from last week's San Diego Comic Con.

There's not much new that we haven't already covered, but here are a few good quotes from the CBR article:

  • From Andy Milder, voice of Lightning Lad: "I grew up reading 'Legion'... I was a big 'Legion' fan. My cat was named Streaky when I was kid."
  • From story editor Rob Hoegee: "the Legion teaches Clark how to use his power and Clark teaches the Legion how to be heroes... and it's a nice little synergy between this up-and-coming hero who certainly is in a league of his own in the universe and a group of ideological kids who essentially looked up to this person all their lives."
  • Hoegee again: "Legion fans are the most devout. They're like Cubs fans" and said that longtime fans would like the show, they also stressed, "we're doing this for kids, first and foremost."

Comics Continuum has a story on the panel too (via Legion Clubhouse). Superman Homepage picks up some coverage and the readers weigh in there too.
[Quoting Hoegee:] "They decide they need some help in a big way, so Brainiac-5 decides, 'Hey, let's just go back in time and get the greatest super-hero ever.' Only they don't end up in Metropolis Justice League-era. They get there a little too soon and find Clark Kent, who is certainly aware of his power but now quite yet of his grand destiny.

So, after convincing him, 'Pop in the time bubble and we'll bring you back in the past at the exact same moment you left,' he decides, 'Yeah, I think I will go. I think there's something else in this life for me and I want to find out about it.' And he goes to the future."

Yuri Lowenthal, the voice of Superman, enjoys the dynamic between his character and the rest of the Legion:
"The really interesting thing about playing this Superman is that he doesn't know his powers all that well," he said. "He doesn't know what he's supposed to do or was meant to do. They've taken him our of this place where he's still trying to figure out what it all means, whether he should hide it for the rest of his life or really do something important with it."

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