Thursday, July 06, 2006


OK, so it it wrong to be miffed when I don't get credit for a scoop?

I reported on July 1st that Heather Hogan will be voicing Phantom Girl, and this afternoon that Michael Cornacchia will be the voice of Bouncing Boy. Several hours after that post, Comics Continuum says it "has learned" of both of them and updates their site (the Thursday issue didn't even get posted until late afternoon).

On every single animated Legion-related post with news, I credit and link back to the originating site, whether it's a news site like CBR, Newsarama, or the Continuum, or someone's blog. Newsarama recently had a link back to my story on the changes in the press release mentioning Superman instead of Superboy, for example, and I'm just saying it would be nice if the Comics Continuum did the same in return when it gets scooped.

Oh well. As I expected, after letting ComicBookResources know about several writers, producers, voices, and other stuff on Friday July 7 (which Hannibal posted verbatim, with my byline and a link back here), the bit about the writers and a new bit about Timber Wolf I posted on the 7th shows up unattributed on Saturday July 8 at Comics Continuum. Really, Rob, would it kill you to put some attribution in your articles? You don't have to say it's from me, you can point to CBR if you want.

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Sheryl said...

Welcome to the nasty world of comics journalism. It's very common for them to grab information from your site and use it without crediting you. That site isn't the only one. It's why I don't run news on my site unless I or one of my staffers is present in person and we know the information first hand.

There are folks with no manners out there.