Friday, July 21, 2006

SDCC animated stuff: exclusive photos

Some new photos that I hadn't heard about from anyone else yet, courtesy of my two colleagues in the Espionage Squad. All photos by Joe Morano and Sidne Ward, please do not display these photos anywhere else.

From the Upper Deck booth, makers of the Vs. System of card games, come these two photos. The first one is the standup outside of the booth, the second is a mockup of the box with the Legion deck. Here's the promotional flyer I found yesterday on the Upper Deck web site, and here's a lot more about the deck.

Next, Warner Bros. had their own booth, separate from the DC booth. The Legion gets a prominent banner, and attendees get a special promotional trading card. (The gray border is the background of where the card was when the photo was taken, it's not on the card itself). I like how the card has the identical images as the banner, just moved around to fit a different size area - the magic of computers.

Finally, this is an exclusive picture because nobody else has a picture of Joe. You've seen the banner before, though, in the Preview Night photos.

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