Saturday, July 08, 2006

Trivia answers

I promised I'd get to these...

1. In "real" continuity, twice so far we've seen a Bizarro Legion of Super-Heroes (one pre-Crisis in Adventure 329 and one post-reboot in LSH v4 113-115 - not counting any dreams, hoaxes, or Imaginary Stories, like the recent campfire story). Which three people appeared in both stories as a Bizarro Legionnaire (or as they said in ADV 329, a member of the Legion of Stupor-Bizarros)?

I asked this one a while back but nobody tried to answer then either. Brainiac 5, Mon-el, and Lightning Lad all appeared in both stories.

2. When written by a competent writer, what specific thing happened each time Tyroc yelled "OOYYYYUUUUU"?
Apparently you forgot my Tyroc trivia quiz. This was his teleport yell. The "competent writer" crack was aimed at Gerry Conway, who inconsistently made up random sounds for Tyroc's yells when he wrote the Legion in the v2 260's, as opposed to his first few appearances when they were consistent.

3. It's commonly known that Dave Cockrum originally invented the X-Man we know as Nightcrawler as a member of a Legion spinoff group, before he left DC. What other major X-Man was inspired by a character Cockrum created for a Legion spinoff?
It was Storm, as Jonathan Miller thought. Cockrum had created a character named Quetzal for his "Outsiders" spinoff, and another character called the Black Cat. He took Quetzal's look, Black Cat's costume, and put them on a weather character the X-Men editors wanted, and got Storm. Cockrum's Wolverine was going to have been a Devastator, but that one ended up being used for Fang, the Imperial Guardsman (who was a Timber Wolf analog), not Marvel's Wolverine. See my page on Cockrum's Outsiders and Devastators.

4. Over the years, Dev-em has had at least three separate, totally different, totally contradictory origins. Briefly describe them.
Jonathan Miller was right on this one. First he was a Kryptonian, a 20th century knave and a 30th century spy. But when there were no more Kryptonians, he became a Titanian mutant who gave himself powers mentally; this only appeared in the Who's Who book. Finally, he was an insane Daxamite who blew up the Moon. There's a guy in the Cult of Conner in the 52 series named "Devem", but it remains to be seen if and how he's connected.

5. Which Legionnaire once had super-powers greater than Superboy's (pre-Crisis)?
Matthew got this one right, Star Boy briefly had Kryptonian level powers with no weaknesses, but those wore off and he was left with his mass-inducing powers. Mon-el always had his lead problem, even with the serum.

6. Prior to the Five Year Gap, under which Legion leader did the team see the most members join (regardless of how many terms they served as leader)?
Jonathan Miller said Invisible Kid (Adventure 348-370; 1 new Legionnaire - Shadow Lass) or Lightning Lad (SLSH 247 to LSH v2 291; 1 new Legionnaire - Blok), neither of which were right. Tenzil said Element Lad (LSH v2 306 to LSH v3 30-something; 5 new Legionnaires - Magnetic Kid, Polar Boy, Quislet, Sensor Girl, and Tellus) or Dream Girl (LSH v2 291-306; 1 new Legionnaire - White Witch). My initial guess would have been Saturn Girl, since she was leader in the early days (Adventure 304-336), but she only had 5 new Legionnaires (Mon-el, Element Lad, Lightning Lass, Dream Girl, and Command Kid). All right now, everyone slap your forehead and say "oh yeah! d'oh!" when I say that Cosmic Boy (through Adventure 303) recruited 14 new Legionnaires: Triplicate Girl, Phantom Girl, Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, Invisible Kid, Brainiac 5, Supergirl, Superboy, Ultra Boy, Star Boy, Shrinking Violet, Sun Boy, Bouncing Boy, and Matter-Eater Lad.

7. Who was the only then-active Legionnaire who did not appear during the Great Darkness Saga, and why?
Everyone got this one, it was Shrinking Violet, who had been replaced by the Durlan Yera at the time.

8. Over the years, how many different Legionnaires have had kids? Assume the three major eras (pre-Zero Hour, post-Zero Hour reboot, current) are different characters.
Not counting any dreams, hoaxes, Imaginary Stories, or Adult Legion timelines, Matthew got the ones I was thinking of: Pre-ZH Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl's pair of twins Garridan and Graym (sons), and Dacey and Doritt (daughters); Pre-ZH Cosmic Boy's son Pol, with Night Girl; Pre-ZH's Andromeda's daughter Lauren, with Rond Vidar; and Post-ZH Apparition and Ultra Boy's son Cub.

9. Which Legion-related character suffers from Taphephobia?
Again, Matthew got this one. Taphephobia is the fear of being buried alive, which always brings down Mordru.

10. Which members of the Legion of Super-Villains were members of the Legion of Super-Heroes at any point (regardless of how they got into the LSH)?
Thinking about one future's worth of continuity is tough enough, but the LSV had multiple versions from multiple timelines. First, when Dynamo Boy snuck his way onto the team, he kicked everyone else out and let in Lightning Lord, Saturn Queen, and Cosmic King. Later, ex-Legionnaire Nemesis Kid joined the LSV. During the Five Year Gap, Echo joined (this one is debatable, since he joined the Adult LSV which is not considered canonical). Towards the end of the v4 run, Spider-Girl joined the Legion. Here's a good attempt at figuring out the LSV's timeline.