Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Animated LSH news 58: more interviews

Bill Radford at The Comics Fan spoke Tuesday with LSH series creator James Tucker.

Tucker says he’s picking and choosing elements from various eras, including the early, innocent days of comics’ Silver Age.

“I don’t mind some of the goofy elements from the Silver Age,” Tucker said. “If you can take that and make it feel fresh and cool, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Meanwhile, Comics Continuum has another interview with Michael Cornacchia, the voice of Bouncing Boy on the series.
I think it will be a great series. It will be good for children and it will be good for fans, too. These guys really seem to know the lore very well. I had no idea who they were until I got it. I looked it up online and and I went, "Whoa, there's this huge Legion."

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