Sunday, September 24, 2006

Episode 1.01: Man of Tomorrow

Update Monday 9/25:
Even more feedback and reviews. Among Legion fans, the praise is running probably 90% positive. Among fans of the old "Timm-verse" DC animated universe, it's closer to 50/50 - they won't be pleased unless Bruce Timm is on it, and the reaction is more like "well it didn't suck as much as I thought it would".

So, more reviews:

If you haven't already read yesterday's post on the premiere, check it out first. Lots more reviews, commentary, and other stuff here, in no particular order...

Lots of people have commented about all the Legionnaires whose Mission Monitor Board symbols we see in the opening credits. With the aid of my trusty TiVo (my TiVomnicom?), here's whose symbols are shown:
  • Chameleon Boy, Chemical King, Ultra Boy, Shadow Lass, Lightning Lad, Timber Wolf, Karate Kid, Matter-Eater Lad, Dawnstar/Star Boy, Polar Boy, Element Lad, Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl, Blok, Triplicate Girl, Shrinking Violet, Superman, Brainiac 5, Dream Girl, Bouncing Boy, Colossal Boy, Cosmic Boy, Ferro Lad, Quislet.

Then, in the flying sequence near the end of the opening credits, we see these guys:
  • group 1 - Lightning Lad, Bouncing Boy, Phantom Girl, Brainiac 5, Timber Wolf, Saturn Girl
  • group 2 - Superman, Star Boy (in his current Kitson costume, as a black man), Element Lad (pink and black, with long blond hair), Matter-Eater Lad (yellow and green, reboot costume), Shrinking Violet (pink and black reboot costume, looks like an anime character with big eyes), Cosmic Boy (purple and black reboot costume). Then the point-of-view rotates and we see Colossal Boy (blue and red pre-Crisis costume), Triplicate Girl (split into 3), then they fly off into the Legion symbol.

Now, given all that, episode director Ben Jones said (in a comment in my previous post) that
Not every character whose logo appeared in the main titles will appear in the show (first season, anyways)... [and] there are some characters appearing whose logos are not in the main titles. That's all I can say!

So let's see, who does that leave... Andromeda, Gates, Gear, either Invisible Kid, either Kid Quantum, Kinetix, Lightning Lass, Mon-el, Monstress, Princess Projectra, Shikari, Sun Boy, Tellus, Thunder, Tyroc, Wildfire, and XS.


Anonymous said...

You forgot Quislet, one of my all time favourites from the Levitz era.

Richard said...

I can't believe you found Kevin Gould! Now all I have to do is figure out how to send him a message without having to join myspace...or if someone here could point him in my direction, I'd be much obliged.

(For the record, Kevin is the guy who gave a shy young Mark Waid encouragement to take his first steps into fame...whether Kevin deserves credit or blame for this is, one supposes, up to your individual tastes.)

Michael said...

Anonymous: No, Quislet's symbol was seen in the scrolling list of symbols beneath the Legionnaires in the opening credits.

RAB: finding Kevin was a fluke, his review showed up on one of the searches I did last night. I met him a couple of times in San Diego years back, but I know some people who know him. His AOL page lists but I don't know how current that is. Just google "Kevin Gould"+legion and that should bring you to him.

Anonymous said...

Star Boy in the flying sequence? I thought that was Tyroc. It looks like Tyroc anyway.

Gougou247 said...

This is Kevin, I didn't know I was that hard to find -- why, I just saw myself in the mirror a few minutes ago -- Go ahead and use the address Michael gave you, and/or I can tell you stories of Mark Waid back in the day (he still lived in Dallas when he sold his first two comic book stories...)