Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Editorial shuffle - Wacker's out

Update 11:55pm, see below the cut.

(Originally posted 5:06 pm)
In the latest round of editorial shuffles at Marvel and DC, Newsarama announced today that Steve Wacker is leaving DC for Marvel. Wacker has been the Legion's editor (as well as Jonah Hex and JSA) and one of the guys keeping 52 together. According to Wizard (via Major Spoilers, though curiously not through WizardUniverse), he tendered his resignation today, and Newsarama says that sources say he was not fired.

More as it develops....

(Update 11:55 pm)
Wow! I had to go into work for a few hours and while I was gone, apparently the internet broke in half. The single page of responses to the Newsarama article above turned into twelve pages, most blasting Wacker for being unprofessional for leaving in the middle of the 52 project. Mark Waid (who of course writes both the Legion and 52) was able to get a word or two in edgewise, warning posters not to assume anything and to blast their calling Wacker "unprofessional".
I speak for all the creators involved with 52 when I say that Steve is one of the best, most professional and most talented editors we've ever worked with, and we will miss him immensely. His contribution to this series cannot be understated. Leaving was not an easy decision for him to make, but he has earned from us our support in whatever he does, and DC's loss is Marvel's gain.

Heidi at The BEAT caught Wizard's article mentioned above, but for some reason it was taken down shortly after she quoted from it (by the time I got there earlier tonight, it was already down). Stuart Moore, a former DC editor himself and current writer of Firestorm, commented at The BEAT that
The departure is sudden because of DC corporate policy: If you leave to go to another comics company, you leave immediately. It doesn’t imply anything else.

And Johanna notes that Marvel honcho Tom Brevoort has something to say from the other side of the fence (which is surely the first time I've linked to a site here!).

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