Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Episode 1.01 wrapup

Some final thoughts and review/links before it's time to get ready for Episode 1.02, "Timber Wolf".

  • Monday's Comics Continuum has an interview with Andy "Lightning Lad" Milder.
    The Continuum: It's been established you're among the many Legion fans. So, how does the show pass the mustard?

    Milder: Dang right I'm a Legion fan. As a kid, my only pet was named Streaky. So, yes...the show really does pass the mustard. Having said that, I should clarify: If you're a hardcore fan looking for a very cutting edge adult show, as I hear some are, why are you on the Kids' WB!? The show stays true to the original books and honors them properly. Rob [Hoegee, series story editor], as it turns out, is a big-time Legion fan. You'll see a lot of the stuff you remember from your youth and some new stuff as well.

    The Continuum: What are the voice recording sessions like?

    Milder: The sessions couldn't be more fun. Kelly Ward directs. He's great. An actor himself, he "gets it." Rob Hoegee and James Tucker are there to add creatively and supervise, and my fellow actors are fantastic. We've become a pretty close group and I'm proud to say, it's one very talented room -- except for yours truly, of course.

  • Positive reviews from Johanna Draper of Comics Worth Reading, Bill Radford, Gilga at #comic-scans, ZenSpeedstr at Zenchronicity, and Heroic Dave at Heroic 'Toons.

  • Forum reviews from the DC Comics message boards, the Legions of Gotham forums

  • Uncle Mxy at the Superman Through the Ages forum points out that the episode is available on YouTube in three different parts. Click here to watch part 1, part 2, and part 3 - at least until it gets removed for copyright violations.

The vast majority of the bloggers and reviewers I have linked to in the last couple of days I had never heard of, but they pretty much all claim to be Legion fans. I think more people watched the show than have read the last half dozen (or more) issues of the comic, combined. From all the buzz I've been reading - and that's doing searches on keywords, so I'm not just including positive reviews, I've posted any review more than a couple of sentences - this appears to be a hit, with sky-high acceptance rates (with the notable exception of those who are upset at the thought that the Timmverse was cancelled to make way for this show, despite the fact that that's not how it happened).

Can't wait to be overwhelmed by the the toy and food company tie-ins!

Finally, thanks to everyone for showing up. I doubled my daily readership on Saturday and got my 4th highest hit count since I started last November. Take a moment to sign the comment block, please?

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