Saturday, September 02, 2006

Trivia 3

More trivia to keep you busy while I'm gone.....

1. What was Jamm's power?

2. How many times did members of the Legion meet Batman? (Count all instances within an extended storyline as one meeting. Alternate timelines, dreams, hoaxes, or Imaginary Stories don't count.)

3. When Composite Superman got his powers from the Legion statues, who was the most recently admitted member in the statue lineup?

4. Considering the three main Legion timelines (pre-Zero Hour, post-Zero Hour reboot including SW6/Legionnaires, post-Infinite Crisis), which Legionnaires have been members in only one of them? This isn't a trick question, and I'm only looking for those who do not have direct counterparts - for example, Livewire and Lightning Lad don't count, whereas Shikari and Dawnstar both count. (Alternate timelines, dreams, hoaxes, or Imaginary Stories don't count.)

5. In the three main continuities, which Legionnaires died and stayed dead? Clones, reanimated corpses, or other duplicates of dead Legionnaires don't count as having come back to life. Disappearances or final appearances prior to a reboot, alternate timelines, dreams, hoaxes, and Imaginary Stories don't count.

6. In Pre-Crisis continuity, name the founding members of the Legion of Substitute Heroes.

7. The ADVENTURE era often showed fanciful animals as members of everything from super-villain gangs to zoos to currency. Which 3 of the following animals did NOT appear (since I made them up for this question)?
a. Brain-globes of Rambat
b. Vegan Living Top
c. Lunar dirt-bugs
d. Jovian camelephant
e. Morvennian fear-beast
f. Walking plants of Zuun
g. Jewel-bird of Gemovia
h. Saturnian Scorpion Beast
i. Venusian tricorn beast
j. Kryptonite-beast of Graxo

8. Which Legionnaires had their own solo book at any time?

9. At the point when the Legion disbanded during the Five Year Gap, only two people who had been members prior to the Gap were still members. Which ones?

10. In her original appearance, what happened to Glorith?


Bill D. said...

I'll answer what I can:

2. The only one I know for certain is the JLA/JSA/Legion team-up, though I'd be shocked if they didn't have an Brave and the Bold team-up somewhere.

3. Ferro Lad, maybe?

4. Kinetix, XS, Monstress, the female Kid Quantum, Dawnstar, Shikari, that new guy - Dream Boy? Um, Blok maybe? Magnetic Kid? Polar Boy? Would Andromeda count? How about post-ZH Inferno, the female one? Jeez, I suck at this.

5. Ferro Lad, Leviathan (Gim), post-ZH Element Lad, Monstress, Chemical King, Karate Kid I, Pocket Universe Superboy, the first post-ZH Kid Quantum... yup, I suck at this.

6. Polar Boy, Night Girl, Chlorophyll Kid, Stone Boy, Fire Lad.

8. Karate Kid, Superboy, Supergirl, the female Inferno, Valor... um, does the Cosmic Boy mini-series count?

9. I think Polar Boy was one. Not sure about the other one.

10. De-aged/de-evolved to by the Time Trapper to what was supposedly protoplasmic goo but honestly looked more like a puddle of semen. Eww.

Bill D. said...

Oh, for #4 - I forgot Quislet. And maybe Tellus. And Tyroc?

Anonymous said...

Bill did a fantastic job. I'll try to fill in his gaps.

2. I can think of at least three times: the JLA/JSA/LSH team-up, an issue of Brave and the Bold (as well as a single panel of the regular Legion title) and the whole "LSH trapped in the 20th C/Final Night" storyline. There might have been one more, but that's what I remember.

3. I actually think it was Chemical King.

4. Kent Shakespeare, Rond Vidar, Jimmy Olsen, Pete Ross, Lana Lang.

7. I'm gonna guess c and h. I recognize most of those, but there are several that might be fakes. (I love those weird John Forte monsters...)

9. Sun Boy was the other one.

Other than that, Bill, I think you got 'em! :-)

Anonymous said...

4. Forgot Chemical King and Invisible Kid II. Both appeared as characters in the first reboot, but neither were Legionnaires.

I can't tell you how amused I am that neither of us remembered Jamm's power. Didn't it have something to do with influencing people's emotions/getting rid of inhibitions? I think I've blocked most of that annual out of my mind....

Matthew E said...

Okay, I'm going to answer these before I look at anybody else's answers:

1. Anytime he asked or suggested anybody to do anything, they'd cheerfully agree. Also he picked up an antigravity skateboard while he was in the 30th century. I hate Jamm.

2. I have no freaking hope in hell of being able to answer this question completely. I know he met Superboy (Kal-El) long after his Legion membership. He met Supergirl. He met Superboy (Kon-El). I imagine there might have been a Batman/Legion issue of Brave and Bold, but I don't know who was in it. Oh, and! He met, or at least saw from a distance, everyone who showed up for the big photo shoot in LSH (v3) #300, because he was there too.

4. My meat.

Members only in original Legion and/or SW6-Legion: Atmos, Bloodclaw, Calamity King, Catspaw, Chemical King, Chlorophyll Kid, Color Kid, Computo, Crystal Kid, Devlin O'Ryan, Dragonmage, Echo, Fire Lad, Firefist, Flederweb, Infectious Lass, Karate Kid II, Kono, Magnetic Kid, Nightwind, Porcupine Pete, Quislet, Reflecto, Spider Girl, Stone Boy, Storm Boy, Superboy I, Tellus, Tyroc, Veilmist, Visi-Lad, White Witch, Polar Boy, Impulse (Kent Shakespeare), Celeste Rockfish, Blok, Invisible Kid II, Dawnstar

Members only in reboot Legion: Gear, Kid Quantum II, Magno, Monstress, Shikari, Superboy II, Thunder, XS, Kinetix, Gates, and, if she counts as a member, Inferno.

Members only in threeboot Legion: Dream Boy

The only one I'm not sure about is Matter-Eater Lad. I know he was in the reboot, but I don't know if he ever achieved voting membership the way Chuck Taine did.

5. Original: Does Lightning Lad count as dead? I'd say yes, but... Okay. Invisible Kid, Ferro Lad, Magnetic Kid, Karate Kid, Chemical King, Blok, Bloodclaw... not sure about Firefist. One-third of Luornu stayed dead. Sun Boy. A few of the SW6 batch died... Chameleon Boy, Karate Kid and Projectra, I think.

Reboot: Does Apparition count as dead? I'd say no, but... What about Lightning Lad again? No? Element Lad, yes? Monstress died. Leviathan. Kid Quantum I.

Threeboot: Does Dream Girl count as dead?

6. Polar Boy, Night Girl, Chlorophyll Kid, Stone Boy, Fire Lad.

7. I'll guess a, g and h.

8. Superboy, whether as Superman or not. Also Superboy. Supergirl. Timber Wolf. Karate Kid. Cosmic Boy. Inferno? Jimmy Olsen, if we want to count him.

9. Ahh... I know Polar Boy was one, because he did the disbanding. I know Sun Boy wasn't. Who else was there? I know a lot of people quit after Black Dawn and stuff, but I don't know who. I'll guess Timber Wolf.

Best I could do.


Just looked at the other answers. Curses! Forgot Valor for #8.

Anonymous said...

3. Ferro Lad and Chemical King are years after the Composite Superman's first appearance. Was it Lightning/Light Lass or Element Lad?

7. c, f and j?