Sunday, October 01, 2006

Episode 1.02: Timber Wolf

Update 10/3: Lots of new stuff, after the cut.

Whew! A new issue and a new episode makes for a lot of Legion links. Let's get to them, starting with episode 1.02 of the animated show. This one introduced Timber Wolf. My favorite moment: after Saturn Girl wakes up from unconsciousness, she berates Lightning Lad for making a mess of the rescue. "It wasn't going to hurt me. If you hadn't charged in (her eyes go wide and her hands start flailing) fists a-zapping, I would have told you that!"

Next week: episode 3, Legacy. After that, it's three weeks of reruns (the pilot episode Man of Tomorrow, followed by two reruns of Timber Wolf).

Update 10/3
Interestingly, my hit count stats spike up on Saturday and drift downwards the rest of the week, hitting the low point (my normal readership) on Friday. Then another spike. Gee, you think the animated show might have something to do with that?
  • Comments from thtadthtshldntb at the comiXtreme forum ("I wish Mark Waid would watch it. It is so far truer to the pre Crisis LoSH than anything he has managed to put out yet."), Lyle Masaki at Crocodile Caucus ("Based on one episode, I worry that the Legion’s first venture outside of comics doesn’t have a key part of the concept."), Jeffrey Bridges at SupermanHomePage ("Kids wouldn't have noticed the problems I did, but as an adult who expects coherent storylines ... it just failed to deliver for me."), thecomicman ("more to the point, lets talk about what they did wrong, in no particular order."), Reed Solomon's Zone of Surly Geekery ("As the founder and corrupt chief financial executive of the Cosmic Boy death league, I was pleased to find that he won't be a major character in the series."), Kristian, showing off his Legion tattoo ("I get chills when I watch the Legion roll call at the bottom of the screen in the opening.") and Arune Singh ("it’s just a fun show for anyone who likes superheroes").

  • Some more forum reviews at rec.arts.comics.dc.lsh on Usenet, Andy at GamersCircle ("for a person of my “seasoning”, this WB adaptation is just a little to young for me.") and ClassicX on the tivocommunity forum ("Not ground breaking, but a good way to waste time while I wait for my wife to shower.").

  • The best reviews written by a stuffed bull can be found at Bully's Comics. In this edition, he reveals Seven and a half things Very Good Things about the new Legion cartoon.

  • Finally, here's one by El Scoob ("Pretty enjoyable, if not an actual home run. I think I might really enjoy this show.") that I missed the first time around. I have several automated scripts that do searches for me and present the results in an RSS feed, that's how I get all sorts of wacky stuff here. But for whatever reason, either I missed El's review or it never showed up in any of my feeds. But don't worry, I didn't neglect you!

Tomorrow: reviews of the new issue.


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Thanks for the link! Yours is an amazing site--keep up the great work!

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Hi! nice job, with only one anotation. None of The larger, 210 Meg files is truly widescreen, they're only Hi-Def at full screen. I've been looking for real widescreen versions but nothing appeared. I'll keep looking, I suppose.

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