Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New animated discussion

Getting closer to the debut of the new show, the amount of discussion has picked up a bit. Here's where you can read what other people are saying and chime in yourself:

  • ComicBloc forums: Who Else Is Excited? Comments range from "I hate the look, hate hate hate hate hate hate hate it. Going to skip it." to "LOVED the concept artwork, can't wait to see the show. Is it really debuting this month? SQUEE!"

  • LegionWorld has a whole forum just for the show.

  • There's a new Legion animated show blog from Lightning Lad (I don't think it's the same LL as from LegionWorld) at http://www.legionaire.ms11.net/. There's not a whole lot there yet, but I'm pointing it out.

  • Cartoons for Grown-Ups calls the Legion show "daring":
    Now, I doubt littler kids will make any comparisons, but everybody from pre-teens on up is going to be holding this sucker up to Justice League Unlimited. And it may just defy the odds and stand up to it... I have to say, it doesn’t appear like my cup of tea visually. Besides, I already have the Teen Titans - why do I need a zit-enabled Legion to go along with it?

  • Of course, there's a whole list of links over there to the right with show/comic discussion (but not much else new on the show yet other than what's here).

LegionWorld also has the second commercial available online, go check it out.

Cynthia Turner's Cynopsis (referenced in the Cartoons for Grownups link above), a television media industry newsletter, reminds her subscribers in her Sept. 11th CynKids newsletter that the KidsWB! lineup starts on the 23rd. This edition also includes ratings and market shares for kid-oriented networks and shows. I've subscribed to this, and I'll repost the ratings as they're available (the closest equivalent to the comic sales reports).


Greybird said...
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Matthew E said...

This is all great stuff, but how about some answers to the trivia questions? And welcome back.

Jonathan Miller said...

I'm excited despite hating the character designs! ;-)