Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dial V for Vs. System

Been doing a little looking around for information on the Vs. System card game coming soon.

It appears that the game comes out as sneak previews in early December, in time for some gaming tournaments around the country (and even around the world). In those, entrants get some sealed packs to use in the tournament, then they get to keep the cards when it's all over. Then, the cards go on sale in late December and early January 2007.

Here's some information about the Sneak Preview tournaments in Louisville, KY; Detroit, MI; Warren and Cincinnati, OH; Toronto, ON; Birmingham, AL; Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Jacksonville, FL; Atlanta, GA; and Sydney, Australia. I'm sure there are more.

Supposedly there's an article in InQuest Magazine #140 (see here, post #40), which would be next month's if Wizard's site is to be believed.

Finally, the cheapest I've been able to find a box is $52 per box from The EdgeMan in Dallas, if I'm reading their page correctly. Each box has 24 packs, each pack with 14 cards, or a total of 336 cards per box.

It appears that the entire set includes about 220 cards:
-- 110 common cards
-- 55 uncommon cards (13:1)
-- 55 rare cards (1:1)
-- Complete parallel foil set (1:1)

(Not quite sure what the 1:1 and 13:1 notations mean, though - one per box? One per pack?)


Tom Smith said...

I used to play a bit - the temptation of superheroes was too much for me. Unfortunately, it doesn't really capture the feel of comics very well, and the rules are a mess, so I left disappointed.

I would note that there will also be preview cards online at www.metagame.com/vs/default.aspx and other places a week or two before the tournaments you mention. Once the tournaments come, it'll only be a day or two before there will be complete card lists online. www.vsrealms.com is a good fansite for that.

The 1:1 and 13:1 confuse me a little - are you sure it's not 3:1? There are 3 uncommons (I think) and 1 rare per booster, so I suspect a typo. Note that this game is pretty rough in the rares department - you won't get anywhere near a full set of rares with a full box, or even two boxes.

And if you want to be a completist, there will be some promo cards used for tournaments and stuff. Usually just modified artwork. If you really want them, Ebay.

If you really want Legion gaming, the best I'd suggest (outside of RPGs) is HeroClix - also not a great game, but at least it feels like superheroes. Just don't get me started on how they screwed up the LSH team ability there - oy.


Michael said...

Thanks for the info, Tom. I've already bookmarked metagame.com and vsrealms.com, and I check in there periodically to see if there's any news. It's funny, it seems like they're speaking a foreign language!

The 1:1 and 13:1 thing was copied directly from the website I linked, the Edgeman. Guess I'll be haunting eBay for the rares and tournament stuff. Yes, I'm a completist (around here, it's called "anal retentive").

And you're right, cards are cards, but Heroclix are just like miniature action figures (even if I don't know how to play that game either).

Garth Ranzz said...

Michael, according to Edgeman's site, you can only order the boxes from him if you have a re-sale tax certificate. His sales aren't for the general public. The best I found so far has been on eBay which was only about $5.00 more (still much better than most I found on line).