Sunday, October 15, 2006

Free copy of Adventure Comics 247!

No, not a dream, a hoax, or an imaginary story. I have an extra copy of the original Adventure Comics 247 from 1958 that I want to get rid of but can't figure out how.

Lemme explain.

At the San Diego con in 1995, I stumbled across a reasonably-priced copy of this issue. As a Legion fan, it was my "holy grail" of comics. Here's how I recounted it a couple years later:

I got mine at the 1995 San Diego con, just beating out Jim Drew for the right to buy it. A dealer (Mike Carbonaro) had bought a large collection to sell at SDCC and pulled out the top books to display. They didn't really get a chance to look at everything closely, the guy said. Jim and I passed by the booth and I noticed it in a display case, the first time I had ever seen a copy. It was way more than I wanted to spend for the convention, but I rationalized it as a Congressional "off-the-budget" purchase. I was still wavering, and Jim told me that if I didn't buy it, he would. So I had to buy it. :) Of course, I didn't look at it closely enough until I got home, only to find out that (a) it had been restored (rice paper strengthening the cover, new staples, minor color touchups) and (b) the centerfold was missing. I wound up contacting him and getting a rebate the next year (which I wound up spending on Adventure 267 and Action 267 from him anyway).

(If anyone here was reading Usenet or the LSH-L mailing list in 1995, this is the infamous "milkshake copy".)

So for 11 years I had my copy of Adventure Comics 247, missing a centerfold. Someone sent me scans of what I was missing (a Little Pete gag page, a two-page ad, and the first page of the Green Arrow story), but I was always on the lookout for a spare centerfold from the issue. Of course, those never show up, so I eventually started looking for crappy beat-up copies with the centerfold intact, thinking I'd cannibalize the issue. And whaddaya know, this summer I finally found the right candidate. For the grand sum of $35, I bought a copy that was missing the cover and the first wraparound (which is the first two pages of the Legion story, and two ads) and had a detached centerfold. Score! (The seller threw in a copy of the Silver Age Classics issue too.)

But what do I do with rest of the issue? The pages (that are left) are in decent condition, considering it's nearly 50 years old. If I were to put it up on eBay, the selling price would barely cover my listing fees - per Overstreet rules, it's probably worth about ten bucks.

I figured that since November 8th is my one-year blogiversary here at the Omnicom, I'll just give it away as a celebration gimmick. But how and who? That's where you guys come in - I'll let my readers (about 150-200 per day) figure it out. It's not a beg-a-thon and I'm not asking for anything in return. How should I get rid of this issue and who should I give it to? If you want it, tell me why you should get it. Bribery is an option but not a guarantee.

For the winner, I'll also throw in that Silver Age Classics reprint and a CD with scans of the missing pages. Absolutely free, I'll even pay for postage.

To Freedom, Friendship, and Frunt!


Eric Gimlin said...

I really haven't been able to come up with a good contest for this one. Mind you, the definition of "good contest", for my purposes, is "one I can win without being too obvious."

In the Bribe department, I can do somewhat better: I'll offer you (or whoever wins) to trade my F/VF extra copy of All-New Collectors' Edition C-55 (AKA "That Damned Tabloid") for your prize package, straight up. I'm willing to bet that's actually wanted to finally read by more people than an incomplete, coverless copy of Adventure #247, to be honest.

As to the simple "why I should get it" answer: It's one of only two major Legion appearances I'm missing the originals of; along with Adventure #304. And two of my others are coverless; Action #267 and Superman Annual #4. So you would know it's going to a good home and somebody who would appreciate it. Which isn't a great reason, perhaps. But it's not a bad one, either.

In any case, a cool idea for a contest; and thank you for your blog.

SherylR said...

Well, you know I don't need one because I have one. My only suggestion is to give it to someone who'll love it as much as we do:)

Eric TF Bat said...

You should give it to Wil Wheaton, in return for a publicity photo of him swearing that, in return, he will never again let Wesley Crusher save the entire universe.

Jonathan Miller said...

I only wish I could come up with a good contest for this. Adventure 247 is one of the few issues of "pre-boot" Legion I'm missing. Well, ok, I have at least 2 reprints, but.... :-)

Tenzil Kem said...

OK, OK, so I know you've received tons and tons of these little comments/emails/messages/whatever asking, begging, and pleading you to give them the Holy Grail of Legion goodness, Adventure Comics #247... so when should I start the groveling? Heh, just kidding (kind of)... well I suppose I should tell you a little bit about my Legion fandom, and maybe, just maybe you'll agree that I NEED that issue in my collection... I have about 500 Legion and Legion-related issues in my collection, the oldest being Adventure #324 from 1964 (featuring the first appearance of the Heroes of Lallor!) all the way up to Supergirl/LSH #22... When I was a young Lad I started reading Legion during the Giffen run in the early 90's (yes, I'm a little younger than most Legion fans... only 24 here... although I'm sure more "youngins" will HOPEFULLY become fans because of the cartoon) and Legionnaires... I grew out of comics for a few years, and then when I was 18 or so I got heavily into Sandman by reading the collected paperbacks, which in turn led me into more of the Vertigo titles... well upon going to the comic book store one day, I saw an issue of The Legion and I thought "hmm, I remember how fun Legion was as a kid" so I picked it up and was instantly hooked (thank you DnA!)... so ever since then I've worked on expanding my collection. I own and run Legion_3004, a yahoo group, that while now almost defunct (complicated circumstances), had 300+ members in it's hay-day, including Barry Kitson (I'm not kidding you). I also own a humble little group on MySpace devoted to Legion fandom...

Oh I should add that I did my part to further the Legion love by getting my 16 and 11 year old sisters into reading Legion (yes, this is before the cartoon premiered)... They're both pretty fond of the DnA and Waid/Kitson Legion eras :-D.

so, yeah, that's about it....


ahem, sorry, that was a little out of line.

seriously though, give it to me :-D.


This is a copy of a copy (first the email I sent you, and then a comment on your newest post)... so I'd say I did my best at publicly groveling. :-P.

Anonymous said...

This probably sounds lame, BUT...

How about having people submit an essay of 247 words on what the Legion means to them? You could publish the winner.

And you have 200 people/day? You TOTALLY rock!!

plok said...

Have you given it away already?

(I can't seem to sign in as me, for some reason...)

You could have a scavenger hunt. First set up a brand-new blog just for the contest, with only one outgoing link -- to your latest post. Then hand-pick a bunch of cronies (anybody who already owns a copy?), and have 'em each post a different scan of a Legionnaire on their site on some specified day. Maybe the 8th? (The Legionnaires in question can be thematically-related somehow or not, it doesn't matter.) Then have each crony also provide one not-too-hard clue of their choice to the location of one other (and only one other) participating crony-blog, along with a magic letter that will form part of a bigger clue later on.

Start from your own blog, and a post that tells people how many total Legionnaires they'll have to collect in order to have everything they need to win. Tell them which Legionnaire's picture starts the clue-chain. Tell them each Legionnaire in the chain also comes with one of those aforementioned magic letters, which they have to put "in order" to learn the address of the new contest blog you've set up. Then turn 'em all loose to track down where the first clue is. Don't help them any more than that! They'll figure it out...

Finally, once a contestant has visited all the participating crony-blogs, he or she arranges the magic letters in the order in which the scanned Legionnaires they were attached to became members (or died, or visited Superboy in the past, or whatever other order you choose), puts an "http://" in front of it and a "" on the end of it, and zips off to your contest-blog. First person to click the link back to you from there wins.

Too much?

Yeah, I really should get a hobby...