Saturday, October 28, 2006

Legion TV schedule Nov. 2006

Via ToonZone, here are the airdates and episodes for the Legion show for November. All episodes are supposed to air at 10:00 a.m. local time on The CW Network.

Nov. 04 - episode 6 new, "Phantoms"
Nov. 11 - episode 5 new, "Champions"
Nov. 18 - episode 4 new, "Fear Factory"
Nov. 25 - episode 2, "Timber Wolf" (4th airing)

Episode 6: "PHANTOMS"
When Superman accidentally opens a gateway to a phantom dimension, a young man with powers identical to his is freed in the process. Now Superman must not only stop this destructive visitor, but also rescue the Legionnaires when they become trapped in the vistor's dimension.

Make way for Mon-el, stuck in the Phantom Zone?

Episode 5: "CHAMPIONS"
While supporting Lighting Lad as he competes in the challenging Galactic Games, Superman and Phantom Girl uncover a sinister plot by the Fatal Five! Lightning Lad has troubles of his own when he finds his biggest competition from someone close to him.

Back in June, we learned that "Mekt Ranzz, Lightning Lad's brother, will appear in an episode." This sounds like it, unless it's Ayla here.

Episode 4: "FEAR FACTORY"
During a cosmic storm, the team takes refuge in a creepy, derelict space station. On board, one-by-one, each Legionnaire faces his or her deepest fear -- and then disappears.

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